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The Happy Hormone Cottage

You Have Saved My Life!!!!

Hi Lyn…..great article! I’m been on bioidentical hormones for over 12 yrs & will never be without them. I previously had a MD that didn’t insist on running a yearly test so, I was overdosed with estrogen by 3 times! No wonder I gained over 70 pounds in 10 years. Yes this MD was the only one I could find in this area that dispensed bioidentical hormones. Well, now, I’m with all your compassionate women especially the ladies at the Piqua Medicine Shoppe, especially Kim. They are always there for me to answer questions & solve a few problems that I had with the creams. I’m happy to report that I have lost 40 pounds & still losing. I’m 63 & feel better now than I did when I was 43. Keep up the good work, you have saved my life!!!!!!!!!