What Makes My Happy Hormone Cottage Unique

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This morning I received a nice message from a gal who flew in from California yesterday with her husband to our Integrative Hormone Center and Pharmacy in Centerville, Ohio-  home of my original Happy Hormone Cottage, established 9 years ago:
“Dear Lyn,
       I just wanted to say thank you to you and Jeff for taking such good care of my husband and me yesterday. We are headed back to California all ready to get back on track. I just love your love for helping others. You are much appreciated!” 
   This got me thinking about all of the other hormone centers out there and what sets us apart? Why would someone fly over 2000 miles to see us? What makes us different? How are we unique? I came up with these TOP TEN reasons:
1. We are family owned. So IT’S PERSONAL! 
2. We have a unique cutting-edge dried urine strip testing for our women that tells us HOW our hormones are working inside our bodies. This information is way more valuable that just getting a number provided by a blood test. 
3. For our thyroid clients,  we have a 10 point blood panel AND a thyroflex machine to identify HOW our thyroid is working at the tissue level of cells where 85% of our thyroid resides. Our thyroflex machine also titrates dosing. All of this means that our thyroid clients actually feel better. 
4. We have a successful Hashimoto’s Protocol. We find and fix the root cause of this auto-immune disease.  
5. Jeff RPh, FAARM,  has created his own propriety adrenal support supplement….actually 2 Adrenal support supplements, to heal our exhausted and stressed adrenal glands.
6. We have our own compounding lab onsite to make your individualized therapy.
7. This makes us a 1-stop Shop! 
8. Because Jeff is a pharmacist, a compounding pharmacist, AND also has an Advanced Fellowship in Functional Medicine, this means he took an entire year in pharmacy school of “PharmacoKinetics.”  This means he understands dosing and the most effective delivery system for our bodies. 
9. We are affordable and the least expensive hormone facility around. We hear this time and again. 
10. We are the only hormone center around that does not believe in or endorse the use of pellets. Pellets are a good money maker for the doctor and for the pellet manufacturer. They offer a world of hurt for the recipient. As the founder of my Happy Hormone Cottage, I want your best health for your lifetime. Each client matters to me. Most of all, my Integrity matters to me. At the end of the day, I know Jeff and I have done our very best to find and fix the root cause of existing hormone issues for the WELLNESS of each client. We want our clients for life. So using a therapy to make money knowing it can cause damage simply is not on our radar. 

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