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I got an email today from Janice: “I gave my saliva test results of my hormone levels to my OB/GYN and she advised me that I don’t need any hormone treatment or supplements. I’m no longer interested in this.” I wasn’t sure whether to laugh hysterically or do a kick boxing session! Either way, I feel badly for Janice! She obviously hasn’t read my blog of May 18 entitled “The Truth About BHRT” written by 3 ob/gyns. (this is also on my recommended readings section of my website). If she would have read that very interesting article, she would have understood WHY the confusion and ignorance among many of our doctors about natural hormone replacement; and she would have NEVER accepted her doctor’s word that “you don’t need any hormone treatment or supplements!”
Without natural customized hormones to replace the hormones Janice has lost through the aging process, not only will she continue to feel poorly (exhausted, overweight, brain fog, no libido) but she will also NOT be preventing the diseases that natural hormone replacement therapy can prevent: heart disease (the #1 killer of women in our age group); breast cancer; dementia and osteoporosis. Janice came to us because she wasn’t feeling well and had many symptoms of a hormone imbalance. She didn’t elaborate in her email about what her OB/GYN suggested she do- either nothing (just live with it!) OR drug therapy (anti depressants and sleeping aids are the drugs of choice for hormone imbalance issues!) but it certainly wasn’t natural hormone replacement therapy. So because Janice wasn’t educated in this area when she went to her doctor, she couldn’t be her own best health advocate. Now Janice is left to either suffer or try to treat her symptoms with drug therapy, when the reality is that Janice could replace her depleted hormone levels with customized bioidentical hormone therapy to feel better AND to prevent disease. I guess I feel the most badly about Janice’s journey because we only get ONE chance to live this life! It’s such a shame when someone chooses to give up her power of her body to someone else, and chooses to live these precious years feeling awful! As you can see from Janice’s experience, it’s up to US to become informed, educated and empowered! We MUST become our own best health advdocate…. especially in THIS area of women’s health! As always, we try to learn from each other. I’m hoping Janice’s lesson of what NOT to do helps others.

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