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Conviction stems from a deep underlying knowledge of the subject matter. Having conviction for WHY you are using customized hormone replacement therapy is a prerequisite for getting involved in the program in the first place. If you don’t understand WHY you are using the therapy,  then when presented with an argument against it, you won’t have what it takes to stand your ground, defend your decision and continue the protocal. I have seen this happen a couple of times. Most recently, we received an email from a client who has been on our therapy for several months. When she went in to see her family doctor and told him that she was on our customized hormone replacement therapy, he looked at her lab work and told her she didn’t need hormone therapy “because you are post menopausal.”  This is rhetoric from med school, big pharma, drug reps… one involved with natural therapy. And because our client didn’t have the information necessary to defend her decision with her family practitioner, she stopped using her customized hormone replacement therapy. This saddens me on many levels. Foremost for our client. Because she didn’t do her homework and didn’t really know WHY she was using natural hormone therapy, she wasn’t able to dialogue with her doctor. I remember meeting this client and getting her started on our program for natural hormone balance. She suffered tremendous hot flashes and night sweats, so her motivation to pursue natural hormone therapy stemmed from a desire to treat her symptoms.  There is nothing wrong with this motivation. But the piece she is missing is that once her symptoms are under control because we have balanced her estrogen and progesterone levels, looked at her testosterone levels, checked her DHEA; given her adrenal support for her exhausted adrenal glands AND looked at her thyroid in FOUR areas: T3, T4, TSH and TPO (not just T4 and TSH) and she is better and on her way to natural hormone balance….the journey isn’t over. The REAL reason one uses natural hormone therapy is PROTECTION FROM DISEASE as we age. It is an anti-aging strategy.  Without natural hormones replacing depleted levels, her body is ripe for disease. She won’t have the necessary estrogen to protect her brain from dementia or her cardiovascular system from heart attack or stroke,  and she won’t have the testosterone she needs to build strong new bone to fight against osteoporosis. In other words, she loses! I am also disheartened for all the other middle-years female patients this family practitioner has, because he will unwittingly steer these patients away from their best health because of a lack of education on everyone’s part. Just because alternative therapy may not be taught in medical schools does not make it wrong or invalid. Every thing we compound for natural hormone balance is FDA-approved AND under the strict regulation of the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy. There are clinical studies and data to support what we do. Books have been written, published and sold. It is up to US to read these books to become educated and to gain understanding of WHY we do what we do. It is up to US to gain conviction in the decisions we make-especially as it pertains to alternative therapy and natural hormone balance. That way when we are presented with an argument against our decision-even if it is an argument presented by our doctor-we can defend our decision intelligently and maybe even educate the doctor in the process! Wouldn’t THAT be a win-win for all of us?

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