Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine: What Is It?

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A Patient-Centered Approach To Care

Functional Medicine refers to the practice of addressing the underlying cause of disease, not only a patient’s symptoms. It is a medical field that focuses on understanding the cause of a condition, by spending time with a patient and reviewing their medical history. This can include identifying environmental, genetic, or lifestyle factors that may be resulting in their condition.

Often, most medical practitioners will look towards treating a patient’s symptoms rather than the root cause of their disease. This can risk a resurgence of your illness. Functional medicine, rather, focuses on the details of your condition. Specifically, how your condition may be affecting other areas of your body as well.

In Functional Medicine– You Are Unique!

Functional medicine looks at the underlying cause of disease, but another benefit is that in this practice every person is looked on as an individual. Your condition is unique to you, so your options for therapy should be unique to you as well.

At Happy Hormone Cottage, we treat the individual not the symptoms. Consultations with our Functional Medicine Practitioner, Jeff Hogrefe, go beyond the standard hormone consultation and explore:

  • Energy issues
  • Metabolism
  • Cardiovascular issues
  • Gut issues
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Lab work – analysis and interpretation
  • Genetic Testing

Our experts won’t treat you as a range of symptoms. We create a personalized treatment plan using evidence-based scientific research based on your specific needs and condition, and will help guide you through the treatment process.

Bring Your Body Back Into Balance At Happy Hormone Cottage

If you have been feeling out of balance you may be a candidate for Functional Medicine. Schedule your appointment with our Functional Medicine Practitioner today and experience our patient-oriented care.

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