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The Happy Hormone Cottage Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Ohio

Now Serving Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio and Surrounding Areas

Welcome to the Happy Hormone Cottage! We are the experts in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Ohio. We operate as an educational facility and a medical facility. We are not your standard ‘pill mill’ – we are here to make a difference in people’s lives.

The Happy Hormone Cottage is all about women helping women learn the truth about natural hormone balance. We offer the educational portion of our services through the process of hormone testing. Then, our patients review and consult with our team of nurse practitioners to develop a treatment program for their best health naturally.

Get Tested, Get Treated, Get Better

At the Happy Hormone Cottage, we are all about creating simple yet effective treatment plans for our patients. Our motto and modus operandi is straightforward- get tested, get treated, get better. From our initial step one consultations to our in-depth testing to our on-site compounding lab, we are a one stop shoppe for Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Our goal is to improve patient outcomes and make positive changes in all of our patient’s lives.

Why Choose Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

At the HHC, we don’t believe in harsh medications that radically affect our body’s chemistry. Ultimately, we believe in testing and optimizing our hormones naturally. Mother Nature provides us with all of the tools we need to live out our lives happily and healthily.

However, lifestyle habits, environmental factors and AGING, especially after age 35, may throw your balance off. When this happens, it takes an expert to determine what’s going on and how to get back on track. If you’re feeling rundown, or just wanting to get more out of life, it’s time to call the Happy Hormone Cottage and schedule your appointment today!

we provide bio identical hormone replacement therapy in Ohio, along with other treatments. However we welcome visitors from every state- come see us! Check out our locations for our office locations and hours of operation.

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