The Importance of Commitment and Patience with BHRT


I recently received an email from a relatively new client whose hot flashes are now gone and who is experiencing brain clarity once again, as in no more brain fog (two symptoms of a hormone imbalance) which she says are “HUGE!”  But because she is having some energy issues and her libido is still nonexistent, she is considering stopping therapy. My initial response to myself was “really? Why would she do that when her body is responding to treatment and she is doing better?” Then I recognized that this is where the education of natural hormone replacement therapy comes into play, along with realistic expectations, commitment and patience.  Read my response to her below:

Hi Darlene,

Let me share some information with you on natural hormone therapy and its goal, so you can make the most informed decision for your body. What BHRT (bio identical hormone replacement therapy) is about is REPLACING depleted hormone levels that deplete with age. This depletion of our hormone levels is the cause of disease. So when we can measure your existing hormone levels with valid testing (saliva and blood spot) and then replace in your body what it no longer makes for itself, then we can focus on WELLNESS.  This sort of goes against current standard of care, which is about band aiding symptoms; while WE are about finding the cause of disease and treating that.  I’m not sure about you, but by the time we already have a disease, it’s kind of late to try to prevent it, isn’t it?
I’m not sure what your expectations were when you came to us, but to have no more hot flashes and clarity of thinking is a big deal.  It does take time to replace low/depleted hormone levels, that begin to deplete around age 35. The lower they are when you begin therapy, the longer it takes. I urge you to also be sure you are taking your adrenal vitamins daily, since massaging and healing tired adrenal glands is key in improving libido. This process takes about 8 months. But I always ask the question, “How long has your libido been missing?”  The answer is typically longer than 8 months. So your expectations for natural hormone therapy need to be realistic. Finally, achieving hormone balance and taking your supplements we gave you a strategy for is critical in positively impacting your energy level as well. The valuable piece in all of this is that WE provide you with a strategy. But you are the one who needs the commitment and patience for our program to work.
The bottom line for me for you is, where else can you go to achieve your best health naturally/ where your body’s biofeedback drives therapy and determines the best course of action? I contend that if our healthcare practitioners had a viable strategy for us that worked to prevent disease, while at the same time, eradicating our symptoms of a hormone imbalance AND focused on wellness, we would go to them. But health care in our country is focused on drugging for the masses to band aid symptoms. Personally, I believe we deserve better. But it is up to each of us to make that decision for ourselves.

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