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IHC for Men’s Health Services Offered in Ohio

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Extensive Men’s Health Testing

We do a full blood panel that includes not only free and total testosterone but also both estrogens: estradiol and estrone. Our goal is to optimize these hormone levels as well as to design treatment strategies to maximize the optimal ratio between testosterone and estrogen. In other words, our goal is to raise testosterone levels and lower estrogen levels to optimize men’s health.

We also do an extensive cardiovascular panel that looks at particle size and quantity of atherosclerotic and stroke and heart attack causing LDL particles. Then we identify meaningful risk factors related to the likelihood of having a cardiovascular event and we design customized strategies to lower these risk factors and improve men’s health.

Finally, we look at metabolic risk factors to early identify insulin resistance and pre-diabetes. Again, we strategize to lower these risk factors to decrease your risk of developing these issues and other blood sugar-related diseases.

While on testosterone therapy, we are continually monitoring testosterone levels, estrogen levels, PSA levels, and red blood cell thickening, which is an independent risk factor for a cardiovascular event.

Our labs are covered under most insurances and billed to the insurance company through the lab. Most of our men will have initial blood-work, follow up labs in 8 weeks, and every six months thereafter.

Additional Men’s Health Testing

Our IHC for Men’s Health Center also offers additional testing for a more Integrative approach to your health:

DUTCH dried urine strip testing

This is a take-home test available in our shop that will measure not only hormone levels, but also hormone metabolizing patterns. The cost of this test is $350.

Nutrigenomics Testing

This is a take-home test where you swab the inside of your cheek, similar to other tests such as Ancestry.com or “23 and Me.” This is a test that looks at 55 different genes related to methylation, detoxification, inflammation, energy production, and autophagy (the body’s ability to clear out cellular debris and repair.) The cost of this test is $450 and includes an hour-long consult to review the genetic defects and develop a personalized program to overcome these defects.

Thyroid Testing

Thyroid health is a complex and challenging health issue. Rather than just doing the basic TSH and t4 testing, we test 10 different blood markers related to thyroid function. Our goal is to optimize these levels for the best thyroid function and optimal men’s health. 

Erectile Dysfunction/Libido

In addition to managing testosterone and hormone balance, we provide compounded medications that can improve erection frequency and strength. Using these compounded products allows us to be significantly less expensive than commercially available ED medications. Because of their delivery system, they tend to have a quicker onset of action. The cost of these compounded therapies is $30-$60 a month. In addition, we offer Trimix injections that are delivered to your door at an average cost of $120 a vial. Depending on usage, a vial can last several weeks to several months and can greatly improve men’s health. 

What it Costs for Optimal Men’s Health & What you Get

Our IHC for Men includes a monthly membership fee of $139. This membership fee includes access to Dr. Guehl and the management of testosterone therapies, along with ALL office visits. Expect at least 3-4 office visits per year for optimal men’s health results.
This membership fee gives you exclusive access via phone or email to Dr. Guehl, MD, MS and Jeff Hogrefe, RPh, FAARM.

Dr. Allen Guehl MD, MS

Dr. Allen Guehl MDDr. Allen Guehl is a Dayton-area native, practicing since 1999. Dr. Guehl completed his pre-med undergraduate studies in Nuclear and Power Engineering at the University of Cincinnati prior to obtaining his MD degree from the International University of the Health Sciences. He completed his internship in General Surgery at Miami Valley Hospital and then completed his medical residency and master’s degree in Aerospace Medicine at Wright State University.

Dr. Guehl followed his passion for preventive medicine and continued his studies in Integrative Medicine at The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences where he will complete his second master’s degree in 2019. This unique educational path will make Dr. Guehl the only AMA recognized board-certified physician in Preventive Medicine with a Master’s degree in Integrative Medicine in the greater Dayton area. Learn more about Dr. Guehl on our IHC Pharmacy website.

Jeff Hogrefe, R.Ph. , AFAARM

Jeff Hogrefe, R.Ph. , AFAARMJeff Hogrefe, R.Ph., AFFAARM, graduated in 1987 from Ohio Northern University with a Bachelor of Science degree in pharmacy and received specialized compounding training at the Professional Compounding Center of America (PCCA) in Houston, Texas in 2004. At PCCA he was trained in both sterile and non-sterile compounding and he regularly attends continuing education seminars.

In addition, Jeff has specialized training in asthma, diabetes care, and complementary IV therapies. Jeff studied with A4M for his degree in Functional Medicine. In the fall of 2013, Jeff received his Advanced Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Regenerative Medicine. He continues his affiliation with A4M (Academy of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine) by serving as a Diplomate. In the winter of 2018, Jeff became certified in nutrigenomic testing. Also, he is currently in a 2-year program with cancer scientist, Dr. Mark Rosenberg, dealing with innovative and Integrative screening and treatment of cancers. Jeff has a passion for helping men and women prevent disease and live a higher quality of life. Learn more about Jeff on our IHC Pharmacy website.

To learn more or to schedule your free initial consultation with Dr Guehl, please e-mail Kimi@happyhormonecottage.com or call her at 937-694-4950

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