Women’s Loyalty to Their Practitioners!


I am always amazed by the level of loyalty some of my clients have toward their practitioners. These are the same women who have not been heard by these same doctors in this area. They have either been mollified that they indeed have nothing to worry about OR they are put on synthetic drugs and birth control pills. Yet, when given the option of choosing one of our practitioners who DOES embrace the natural hormone replacement philosophy, will insist that they want to run it by their doctor first. “I just know my doctor will validate and listen to me!”….”I am sure MY doctor will embrace this natural route!”…..”MY doctor will sign off on your recommendation for natural hormone balance because I just love my doctor.” I often expect a leap of joy and pompoms to accompany these proclamations! But, sadly, I have yet to meet even ONE doctor from even ONE of my clients who will even be willing to BEGIN to get educated on BHRT and natural hormone balance. We just put a new “Practitioners Information and Resources” section on my website to provide educational references and clinical studies, hoping to educate and empower doctors in this area. I have found that it is the rare doctor, indeed, who has the compassion and respect for middle-years women, who will actually take the time to think outside the box when it comes to hormone balance; and believe that maybe there IS more than just what the drug reps are telling them. That just maybe we could be checking hormone levels to find the CAUSE of the hormone imbalance, instead of being so quick to band-aid the problem. What a novel approach!

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