Pellets – I get asked this question a lot!

Note: I have made a special pellets page with lots more information. Please refer to that page as it will answer most questions.

I think it’s time we talked about “pellets” as a hormone replacement strategy and be done with it. I gave a presentation at an event in early January that over 200 women attended and this was one of their questions as well. So here goes! Pellets have been around for the past several years and are one option women have to impact the way they feel. Pellets are typically a high dose of testosterone that is put into a tablet shaped like a cylinder. This testosterone tablet is implanted underneath the skin of the hip, where it then slowly dissolves over 3 months into the blood stream. I actually like this testosterone pellet option for men, but not so much for women because we see a LOT of issues with women coming to us who have this pellet implant and have developed some pretty significant health issues because of it. It seems like some women do ok with their first testosterone pellet implant or so. Their energy is better almost immediately, and their libido is typically positively impacted as well. So what’s the problem? The problem is when they continue to re-implant these pellets every 3 months after they wear off. Women’s bodies were never meant to metabolize (deal with) such high doses of testosterone coursing through our veins. One big problem I see with these pellet implantations for women is that testosterone can convert to estrone (E1)-which is the estrogen that is the breast cancer cell proliferator. This alone scares me away from pellets. Women over 35 are typically estrogen dominant anyway, which means they have a heightened risk of breast cancer. Why would I want to add another risk factor to our women’s bodies?? The obvious answer is that I wouldn’t! Another big reason I am extremely uncomfortable with pellets is that these high doses of testosterone also can cause secondary issues that we see a lot of in the women who are coming to us:  significant hair loss, male pattern baldness, acne, increased growth of facial hair to the point that these women are shaving, a resuming of periods years after women have gone through menopause, and a whole host of other issues. I had a memorable consultation with a 63 year old woman in July who had pellet implants every 3 months for a year and came to me with a chest full of hair (I so wish I was kidding but sadly I’m not!), a deeper voice and regular periods that had resumed after 8 years! Another big reason we don’t recommend pellets is that we know our first line of defense in hormone balance is restoring progesterone levels. Progesterone is a BIG deal. Progesterone can’t be put into a pellet, so where’s the progesterone?
What we do at our Happy Hormone Cottage and Piqua Medicine Shoppe that sets us apart is that we dose physiologically for our bodies. This means that we check your hormone levels first and then we customize therapy for each individual with all 3 hormones: estradial, progesterone and testosterone as needed. It is all about dosing physiologically each day AND balance. When we give each woman exactly what dose her body needs daily (in a topical cream form) and we adjust this dose slightly over time based on the biofeedback from HER body, and we recheck these levels every year to maintain this proper hormone balance, we have happy women who are issue-free. And isn’t this the point of hormone replacement therapy?? To restore hormone balance as an anti-aging strategy and to prevent disease. And how long do we recommend we use this natural hormone replacement therapy? My response is frank- “until we are dead!”  Why wouldn’t we do this? As we age and our bodies lose the ability to make our own hormones so issues develop, and we have found a way to restore this balance….why in heaven’s name would we ever stop??


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  1. Using estradial cream and prometrium is not using bioidentical hormone therapy that is customized for you. In the words of Oprah, “if we know better, we do better.” Frankly my choice for you would be a better one. We dose physiologically for you and your body. Why settle for anything less? Come and see us.

  2. Lyn,
    As you well know I experienced the same thing you outlined with testosterone pellets…..I am so grateful that I got on the Happy Hormone Cottage cream therapy….my weight stabilized….breast soreness went away and I am no longer trimming those pesty hairs from my face…..thank you for staying true to what works best for us!! It is life changing and I will always be grateful for your dedication to all of us!!

    Teri Hartrum

  3. Thank you so much, Teri. So glad you are better and have gotten
    your life back! Actually I want to BE you! (new beau, new body..woo hoo!) I am proud of you!

  4. I have been getting testosterone pellets for the last 2 years and now and loosing a ton of hair on my head. My thyroid is low as well but no so far medication or thyroid has not stopped my hair from falling out. How do you determine the cause of the hair loss? I would do anything to get this to stop!!!! I am so depressed. Any thoughts???

  5. Yes, Leslie! Stop the pellets; pick up a bottle of saw palmetto
    from your local health food store; and call us for a free consultation to get your hormones in 3 areas balanced: sex hormones, adrenal hormones (cortisol) and thyroid. By the way, we do a 4-panel thyroid test. We have had success with our women who have experienced negative side effects from the pellets in rebalancing them. It does take time and patience. Hope this info helps.

  6. Lyn
    I just found your website tonight. Unfortunately I live in Ca. One year on test pellets and recently experienced infection and extraction on one 100mg. Major hair loss, enlarged female organ, chest and facial hair… Great libido, energy and weight loss. It’s scary to think I need to get these every 3 mos…. Any suggestions, hair loss bothers me he most. Kathy

  7. Kathy-so sorry about your experience but it doesn’t surprise
    me. We see this a lot. Obviously let the pellets wear out of your
    system. This can take several months. You should look into restoring hormone balance thru a more conservative, long-lasting approach. We have had good results with topical creams and always also addressing adrenal glands for energy and thyroid. If you find a dr to approve our hormone therapy, we can work with you. Keep me posted.

  8. Thank you for your great information. I had two pellets put in three months ago. Testosterone and estrogen. I feel great and take progesterone capsules 14 days per month My only problems are my periods are back after 1 year off and they last two weeks. They are light but annoying. I’m going to request cremes of gels next time because I want to control what is going in me. My big problem is that here in Buffalo NY I have only found one Dr who will prescribe bioidentical hormones! Do you know of any physicians in the WNY area? Thanks for your help. Beth

  9. What happens If I stop the pellets. The facial hair development is not what I expected or want. I want to get off but I am afraid of losing the libido effects. Please help I am desperate.

  10. After finding your website and months of reading, I’m going to stop my estradiol and tester one pellet therapy. My biggest concern is losing libido. Is there anything I can do. I live in Omaha, NE.


  11. Hi Lynn,
    We have found that by restoring hormone balance to optimal levels with estradiol, progesterone and testosterone,(typically with the topical cream delivery system) along with healing our exhausted adrenal glands, libido does return in about 8 months. It does take time to rebalance hormone levels, especially after pellet usage, the estrogen products on the market, and synthetic hormone therapy (premarin, Prempro etc)but with patience and realistic expectations, it can be done. Btw, if you can find a dr in your area to work with you and us, we can help you. We work with women all over the country.

  12. I just found out my testosterone level is 5! Everything I read says about 30-100 for women, but I can’t find any information on almost nonexistent levels. Could this be the cause of night sweats and also really bad muscle pain and body aches constantly?? I’m only 39, and seems estrogen and progesterone are ok. Thanks!

  13. I am 43 have had the HRT pellets for 2 years and had to stop them
    I developed severe acne cyst on my chest, had to shave every other day face, chest and my lip. Since I have stopped the implants I have had to see a dermatologist for the acne and now my hair is very very thin. I have always had very thick hair and I don’t know what to do now. My question is will my hair grow back and if taking b12 will help the hair growth. My dermatologist told me the hair would come back but it would take time. I haven’t had any more implants since November 2012. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  14. Kelly-serum testing isn’t all that valuable because the ranges are so great. You may want to consider urine testing to validate. I suspect your issues are more progesterone related. You may want to consider calling us for a phone consultation to learn more.
    Susan-your body will have to readjust and this will take a while. So patience is key. Look for this to take a year or so. This is why we always check hormone levels with saliva or urine and always, always dose with physiological dosing (topical creams) with the exact amount the body needs. We just don’t believe in these supra-physiological dosings with pellets. They don’t make sense to us.

  15. I have had total hysto. 15 years ago and I’m 56! I too have been on pellets and have hair loss and hair growth on face and around nipples! My thyroid is hypo and bounces to hyper. I’m at my end of energy to the point of extreme fatigue . I have heart disease in my family alone with breast cancer with mom, and grandmother. (Which was estrogen base) I just got my blood work back and my testosterone level was 508.7 and my C Reactive Protein-hs was 10.5 normal being 1.0. I feel like something large is stuck in my throat! My feet burn and tingle! I feel a mess. I was sick to read about pellets and knowing my Doc. Has written many books on bio-harmones and he knows my family history! My weight is up 20 pounds and I’m sure it’s because I don’t feel the energy to exercise. I have always been active, outgoing and I feel it’s hard for me to just get through the day! Any suggestions????

  16. Okay, I am frustrated and confused. I had my last ovary removed 2 1/2 years ago due to a dermoid cyst (first ovary 30 years ago at age 21 removed due to dermoid cyst also). I tried bioidentical HRT creams right before discovering 2nd dermoid. I started spotting and my doctor treating me with the hormone therapy thought it may have been intro of estrogen (bleeding?spotting started a couple weeks after starting therapy) so she ordered a ultrasound and it showed the mass on my ovary..and fibroids in my uterus. Sent me to my OBGYN who did a endometrial biopsy and CA125 test and both came back negative so he watched the “cyst” for a couple of months then repeated ultrasound and it was not diminished so he recommended surgery to be sure it wasn’t ovarian cancer…after surgery and a clean pathology report I resumed bioidentical hormonce cream and was still having hot flashes, moody, didn’t feel good. So I then Had first Pellets implanted (about four months after surgical menopause). It included estradial and testosterone and oral 150 mg prometrium Well, I immediately started to bleed again off and on…They attributed it to fibroids being stimulated but continued to give me estrogen pellets two more times (over about 8-10 months) and increased my prometrium to 300 mg and tried troche method but still I would bleed…. I changed doctors and went to another Dr. that prescribes Pellet (soto pelle) and she gave me just testosterone and no estrogen (also 300 mg progesterone) and I would still bleed and cramp (for about another year) OBGYN dr. checked and fibroids were bigger so she said stay off the estrogen. I have not had any estrogen therapy now for over a year. I went about 8 weeks with no bleeding until the last few months so I thought I was home free…then I had a pellet implanatation of testosterone (no estrogen still) and still taking 300 mg of progesterone and I bled for a couple of days – 3 days after implantation and now I bled again today (about 3 weeks later) It is like a period. Could it be the testosteron pellets and/or the fact I am not BALANCED? I really don’t know where to turn.

  17. I’m almost 56 years old and have not had a period since my D&C for fibroids 4 years ago. I have some hot flashes that remain from time to time but have decided on a “No Hormone Replacement” life due to micro-crystallizations found in my left breast and negative biopsy five years ago. I figure why chance any hormone, bio identical or otherwise? Am I correct in this? Or am I putting myself at risk for something else down the pike? Thank you for any input on this……

  18. Yvonne, I would recommend an extensive thyroid panel that includes tsh, free and total t4, free and total t3, reverse t3, ferritin, vitamin d, and vitamin b12, and TPO. It is important to dig deep to figure out where the thyroid is dysfunctional. Remember when getting blood draw for thyroid to do in the morning and sit calmly for 20 minutes prior to blood draw. If you are currently taking thyroid medication, you need to get blood draw 4 hours after taking medication. Many men would love to have your testosterone level!
    Male range is 300-1000 and most men feel best between 750-1000
    Your level is about 4 times a normal female level so it is no wonder you are having androgenic side effects. The real problem with pellets is that it is impossible to achieve a steady state level when you do a follow up implantation. During the first implantation, most women’s levels are so depleted that you get a dramatic clinical response. Although testosterone levels gradually deplete over 3 month period, your levels are still higher than initial implantation.
    So with each procedure, your testosterone levels go higher. Higher testosterone levels lead to all the side effects mentioned in this blog.
    Your CRP is of concern to me. This is a critical marker of inflammation. I would recommend a complete workup by a physician trained in functional medicine.

    Cindy, my opinion is that you are not getting the proper bhrt treatment strategy. I would suggest that you go to the happy hormone cottage website and order a urine test kit. The issues that you are having make complete sense to me based on your current therapy. I think that we can really help you get hormonally balanced.
    Sarah, there is a key element that is constantly missed when discussing bhrt and the risk of breast cancer. Metabolites of estrogen are key issues when looking at breast cancer risk. I would also recommend ordering a urine test kit from the web site so that we can look closely at these metabolites to really identify risk.
    Progesterone and estrogen balance are also key in looking at overall breast cancer risk. Did you know there was a European study of over 80,000 women that clearly identified a breast cancer risk reduction in women that used bio-identical progesterone versus those that used synthetic progestins or no hormone therapy at all?
    Sadly, that never gets reported. It makes you wonder doesn’t it?

    Thanks for all the responses and keep them coming

    (compounding pharmacist)

  19. I am 70 years old Use 1.25 estrogen patch. Had a testerone pellet inserted 3 months ago. My hair just recently really started falling out. I’ve had a problem with hair loss off and on for many years. How long will the effects of the pellet take to totally leave my system. I am panicking. Is there anything I can do to counteract the effects? Thanks for your help. Marie

  20. I am 49 years old and received my fourth T pellet three weeks ago; I am having horrible body aches, mainly in glutes running down to back of knees, they have gotten more severe as the three weeks have gone by. I take 180 mg Armour Thyroid, 10 mg Simvastatin, 100 mg Lamictal, and 6 mg EMSAM antidepressant patch every day. I have talked to dr & pharmacist, both tell me the pellet would not cause this but I did not have this pain prior to the pellet!! Can you offer me any advice? I truly appreciate anything you can do!

  21. Marie,
    The worst is probably over. Don’t get another one 🙂 Please provide me with your email so I can send you more specific info on hair loss and how to help. You can email me at

    It is hard for the body to metabolize all that testosterone…especially after 4 implantations. Your best bet is to return and have them remove that pellet since it has only been 3 weeks. We really encourage physiological dosing using topical hormone creams for optimal hormone balance. We have had much success with this approach. Feel free to call us at 513-444-6343 to set up a free consultation.

  22. I am 49 years old and I recently (July 12) got my fifth pellet 100 T and 22 E. I havent seen any negative physical side effects yet but after seeing my new Integrative doc and having labs done my T lab came back at 249. Yikes! He was not happy! This has raised my liver enzymes from normal to much higher range. I am now afraid what to expect as this much T roams around in my body. Is there any way I could naturally accelerate it get it out of my system sooner?

  23. I am 43 years old, had a hysterectomy at the age of 34 to keep my ovaries. Two years later I lost one ovary and a short time later, I lost the last ovary. (mom had ovarian cancer) I started doing hormone patches and actually had a great experience with them. My obgyn had been trying for years to get me to switch to pellets and finally convinced me because my body needs testosterone, that it would just make me feel so much better. I got my first set and it was terrible. I was overly aggressive to the point of picking fights with my loved ones and not really caring. I started getting acne on my face and even my back. My breasts were sensitive tho that did stop after about 2 weeks. I saw no spike in energy at all or any other positive factor they told me I would get. I went back in after three months, relayed all of that and was told it was unusual so they’d make me more “estrogen prominent”. My breasts have been sore/sensitive for the entire month since getting this latest set of pellets (note: I had bloodwork done and they said my levels were “fine” but didn’t indicate what normal levels are), my acne has gotten so bad on my face and back that I’m using over the counter acne wash and thinking even this isn’t enough. I have no energy and feel that this is just a huge waste of time for me. I didn’t have testosterone in my system for the last 5 years and I thought I was doing ok. I had been on heart medication for 10 years and a little over a year ago was finally taken off of them (for MVP) and the last thing I want is for my hair to start thinning/falling out again! It just started coming back!! At my age, am I ok to just use the estrogen patches? I am nowhere near where your offices are located so do you have any suggestions of other options I could discuss with my doctor?

  24. Christine, I’m so sorry you are going through this experience. We always and only recommend physiological dosing of hormones and we always start with progesterone. Since you have had a hysterectomy, you will also need estrogen, and down the road, maybe testosterone. But we always check hormone levels (not using blood serum) to determine exactly what hormones and what dosing your body needs. Pellets take at least 3 months to wear off, before getting levels checked. Why don’t you go to my website, click on “Begin Your Journey,” scroll down to the bottom where it says “type in your zip code here.” Up wil pop a list of drs who work with bhrt in your area. You will need to call those dr offices and ask if that dr works with compounding labs on personalized bhrt for his patients. When you find a dr, email me at and I can direct your next step. When you find a dr, we can work with you over the phone to guide your next steps. Hope this info helps! Hang in there!

  25. I had my first pellet implanted in May of this year. All of the side effects have been null for me, except, I have a raging case of ACNE!!!!! It’s all over my neck, the sides of my face, in my scalp, etc. It’s so bad, that it hurts to move my neck and of course, looks like I have some horrible disease.

    Can this be caused by just one pellet? Do you have any recommendations on how to treat this acne because I have tried everything to no avail!


  26. Hi Ann! This is what happens when one puts a pellet with supra-physiological doses of testosterone into a body. All that testosterone has to go somewhere. Some converts to estrone (the breast cancer proliferator) and the rest go into the body. Your acne is a result of all this testosterone. Nice, huh? You will need to let it runs its course. As the testosterone “wears off,” this should resolve itself. I would suggest you not get another one….ever.

  27. Please direct me in what to do next. I experienced surgical menopause last year at the age of 33 and began pellet therapy. I have had 4 sets now, and am currently experiencing hair loss in the front (I have very long thick hair, but losing it fast), unwanted hair growth in other areas, and gained 20 lbs since my surgery. I really don’t know what to do now or where to go. I am in Alabama. Reading this makes sense and I want to try to fix all of this. Please help. Thank you so very much!

  28. I am also concerned with hair changes texture and thinning after testosterone and estrogen pellets. This is my 3 month period and won’t ever do again. My hair is horrible. Does this mean my hair went into telogen effluvium? This causes so much depression in women. Any time line would help my anxiety. I am fearful my hair won’t change back

  29. I also was put in surgical menopause 6yrs ago. Currently I am on Progesterone cream, TPellet 100 and Estradiol pellet for approx. 2yrs. I have lost tons of hair as well…put on weight..have mild edema in ankles and have hair growth on belly, face, inside nose that is getting thicker, darker and coarse–it is out of control. My question is-if I stop the T pellet and switch to the get only can I still maintain a healthy level of testosterone. And also can I continue the Estradiol pellet alone without other pellets? I have actually had a positive response in my symptoms since the Estradiol pellet–I was on the gel prior but was having a hard time absorbing it to a healthy level. Your advice is greatly appreciated.

  30. Also–will my hair growth return to its original state after the T has worked its way out of my body?

  31. I’m 47 started menopause at the ripe old age of 35; had hysterectomy 6 yrs ago. I take daily dose of Premarin. 9mg. For past 3mo. been getting monthly testostorine shots to up my sex drive. Working great for sex drive but just recently seeing facial hair that I’ve never had before. Scheduled to get pellets implanted but after reading previous posts & increase in facial hair I’m a bit worried. Can anyone relate or help me?

  32. I had a similar question to Soraya but did not see a response to her question. I am 52 and on my 3rd pellet. I haven’t had adverse affects until now. When my saliva test was done at the beginning of this year my T level was very low (I wasn’t on any BHRT). They inserted a 100mg pellet. I had a second one in June and then the third in September. Just prior to the 3rd insertion my saliva test was off the charts at 17,964! My MD said this couldn’t be the pellet but was from contamination from my husband’s use of testestosterone gel. They went ahead and did the 3rd pellet anyway because they said that the high number wasn’t from the pellet. Well, I went with my husband to his doctor and he said the opposite and ordered a blood test. That came back very high also. My question is, since the pellet has been in 3 weeks, how would I go about having it removed? My husband’s doctor is a DO and cannot do it. The doctor I go to doesn’t believe it could be the pellet (plus his office is 2 hrs away) so I am sure he wouldn’t remove it. I am thinking of calling my GYN. Or, is there anyway to accelerate the absorption to get it out of my system quicker? I don’t want to live with this high T level for the next three months. Please Help! Thank You.

  33. I had the pellet put in in May. Testosterone and estrogen. They are wearing off and am getting tremors and tingling/numbness in my hands, feet and face. I feel shakey and mentally strange. My doctor had me start Bio estrogen cream topically 1.25 mg trice a day since 4 days ago but I feel horrible. I use progesticare 2 pumps at night. Should I be using anything right now except for progesteCare? I’m post menopausal and still have my uterus and ovaries

  34. Ladies,
    I am overwhelmed by the number of issues you are experiencing and have deep compassion for your plight. We don’t recommend pellets for women because we understand that supraphysiological dosing of hormones can produce negative results. We are all about checking hormone levels (not in blood serum but in saliva or dried urine) and then using hormone creams vaginally, in physiological doses only, daily. We always start with progesterone and then add estrogen (when women are no longer having periods) and testosterone if needed. Go to my website at to learn more.

  35. I got the pellets in mid June. Estrogen, testosterone, progesterone. I haven’t had a hysterectomy. Mid July I started spotting. Prior to then, no period for 3-4years. I have been taking provera and the bleeding slows down and starts more, now with a little bit of clots. I had a pap smear, all ok there. I haven’t had an ultrasound yet. Will this go away when the pellets run out? The only good things are no hot flashes, and no migraines.

  36. I am 41 yrs old.Have had hormone problems for a few yrs now.My doc did blood work and all hormones were low. I’ve had 1 ovary removed. Doc gave me RXs for progest pills,test cr and estrogen patch.Progest made me spot badly. estrogen made me cramp, so I stopped both but continued with test cr.I’m now finding out that was a bad idea. Last blood test says testosterone is high now. have acne and am in my mind going BALD!So depressed and frustrated. I have always had thick, beautiful hair. The testosterone was great for libido and lubrication. They decreased me to once/week on testosterone cr, but I stopped last week.I’m using Rogaine and saw palmetto on scalp plus using every hair vitamin know to mankind. I’m so glad I found this site. I went to a Bioidentical doc last week and did blood work. They do pellets. I won’t be getting them now. Please help with hair loss! And should I start using the other hormones. I have terrible hot flashes, headaches, no sleeping, mood swings, no sex drive. Thanks!

  37. I had 50 mg of estrogen and 75mg of testosterone. Its been almost 2 weeks and i have gained 8 pounds from the date of the pellet insertion. Is this common? I now am having problems sleeping and feel depressed. How is the pellet removed? Doesnt the pellet turn to liquid once in your body? Help, what should I do?

  38. Just into second set of pellet treatment and dr raised testosterone no symptons yet just some low back ache and 5 pound weight gain which I don’t like
    Was told hard to regulate creams and friends use pellets

    Now I am totally confused and ready not to use anything and just let them run the course for the next 3 months.

    They did help with head fog and irritability and I mainly was doing this for building bone density so as not to take any biphosphates

    What is the truthful answer, Pellets or creams…..too many physicians with their own opinions out there which do not help us patients on what to do for our bodies safely.

  39. I had a partial hysterectomy at age 34 and I am now 64. I was on Premarin then estradiol for 20 year. I decided to stop taking oral estrogen because of the cancer risk about 3 years ago. Then came the extreme hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, fatigue, etc. I tried testosterone pellets one time which lasted about 3 months. I did not continue because of acne and anxiety. It has been 2 years since the pellet implants, and I cannot lose the weight, have no libido, no energy, and thinning hair. What should I do now. Also is this something that insurance will pay for as hormone replacement?

  40. I had breast cancel 2 years ago and am on medication that takes all the estrogen out of my body– and I cannot have any form of hormones– I went through menopause with the medication. I have to be on the medication for 3 more years– is there anything I could do with foods that would give my body the energy and anti aging effects and balance that hormones would? thanks, sandra

  41. Hi Lyn- I am 41 and recently visited a BodyLogic doctor in my area after struggling with a very low libido for the past 3 years. Saliva testing showed progesterone at 56. I was told a normal range is 75 to 270 luteal. My estradiol was 4.0 w/ normal range being 1.3 to 3.3. My testosterone was at 53. Oddly my DHEAS was very high at 38.4. My doctor prescribed 10mg Wylie Protocol progesterone and suggested I have one 80mg testosterone pellet implanted every 3 to 5mo. I’m now leery of the pellet but would appreciate your input regarding whether continuing with the progesterone would make sense. Please note that I have a very strong family history of hormone sensitive breast cancer (mom, aunt, grandma). Thank you for your time and expertise.

  42. Lehsa, Monica, Jennifer, LInda, Storm, Sandra-I am so sorry for your experience with pellets. We only believe is using physiological doses of hormone creams that are customized for individual use, based on hormone levels checked in dried urine or saliva (never blood serum because the hormone levels aren’t accurate in blood serum) and we use our hormone creams vaginally. Each of you needs to have your questions answered and your hormones rebalanced. Please connect with Shawn at our pharmacy so she can connect you with Jeff. Jeff is our functional medicine guru and hormone balancing expert. He helps women daily and is especially helpful to our women who have had adverse effects from pellets (supra physiological doses). Shawn can work with you to set up email correspondence with Jeff ($2 a minute) or a phone consultation ($100 for 30 minutes) You can email Shawn at
    I urge you to connect with Jeff for your best health naturally!

  43. JC-this is where you need to connect with my Jeff, our functional medicine expert. Please email to connect with Jeff. He can answer your questions via email ($2 a minute) or a phone consultation ($100 for 30 minutes). This is the best way for you to get informed and to get your very important questions answered from one who is well-versed in this field. Looking forward to you connecting with Jeff.

  44. I’ve been getting testosterone pellets since 2007 and I honestly loved them until this past year. I’m convinced now that they are causing weight gain even though I watch my diet carefully (eat mostly lower carb, whole foods, no sugar). I love what they did for my libido since I’m a newly wed again at age 58 🙂 but wonder if that effect can’t be continued with a different type of bHRT.

    I haven’t had as many negative side effects as some others, but I did begin growing a little mustache this summer, and had some cystic acne. I noticed that each time my pellets ran out (3-4 months) I’d spontaneously drop a few pounds (such as you’d expect from someone eating as I do) but as soon as I got new pellets…wow. Rapid weight gain if I eat anything at all! The last time has been the worst. Last pellet insertion was in October and I’ve been gaining steadily since then. I wonder if I’m not just absolutely estrogen dominant. Sure seems like it.

    I had a total hysterectomy in 2001, am a cancer survivor (the T seemed to heal some of the radiation damage), and have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (hypothyroid) which may or may not be under control.

    Lots of metabolic issues, anyway…. and I’m sick and tired of feeling sick and tired! I believed the T pellets would be the miracle answer to so many of my health problems. I really need to find someone who can help me get control of my thyroid, weight and hormone problems, and I hope you are the folks who can do it. What’s the next step?

  45. Hi. I had my first pellet insertion on 10/30 and, on 12/4, I started spotting then bleeding. Before this, I hadn’t had a period since July and my first labs found me to be postmenopausal. I am 51 years old. I never had issues in my life with spotting or irregular bleeding and now, after being injected with testostrone, estrogen and oral progestrogen, I am bleeding. My question is, if I do not do another pellet insertion, won’t my levels go way back down again and my bleeding stop? When I had an ultrasound, it revealed 2 small fibroids and 1 cyst on an ovary.

  46. P.S. – The side effects mentioned do say that your uterine can do a “cleaning out” in the first three months and cause you to bleed. Is this true?

  47. SST-the answer to our health issues as we age is to “refill our hormone tank” so we can prevent disease. What we know is that refilling our tank with physiological dosing of our hormones-based on lab work that is more inclusive than blood serum, is key. Testosterone converts to estrogen. Estrogen is a fat storer. We don’t believe in pellet therapy because one can not effectively manage these supraphysiological doses in the body. My suggestion for you is to email me ( I can connect you with our functional medicine expert, Jeff. You can set up a phone consultation with him or email him. I can discuss the reasonable fee in my email.
    Doreen- my suggestion is to stop the pellets and let your hormone levels deplete again. You need to find a dr in your area who works with customized bhrt. When you find one, go to my website your journey to order your urine strip testing kit so we can write the recommendation for your doctor for your hormone balance. It is all about physiological dosing in refilling your hormone tank, to prevent hormone imbalance symptoms and disease.
    I hope this information helps!

  48. Hi Lynn:

    I stumbled onto your website b/c I had my first pellet insertion in Oct, 2013. I had a Test. level of 16 and a <5 of estrogen. I've been post menopausal since I was 45 (I'm now almost 54, Feb 1, 2014). I never really had any trouble with the symptoms of menopause. My OBGYN talked me into getting the estrogen pellets. She gave me 175mg of Test and 12.5 of estrogen. I am also on Progestrone (soybean) 200mg. All I can say is I have had ten lbs of weight gain and have not had any positive results with the test pellets. If I only have had them this once, will it cause any long-term negative effects? I have thin hair as it is so have read other's blogs to you about losing hair and getting facial hair. I have always had some facial hair but it's white so hard to see. I have notice a bit more since on the pellets. I'm also on Spirolectone 25mg 2xday to help with the hair growth, etc. I want to stay healthy so can you help? I live in N. Dallas, TX. How can I get the test done and where? Please help :o). Also, how long will it take after the pellets are dissolved to be totally out of my body and how long does it take to get back to normal? I work out and exercise daily.


  49. Hi I am 47 years old and just got my first pellet implant. 70 mg testosterone and on progesterone My estrogen was high so not given any. I am having mix feeling about this. Hope you can ease my mind.. Thanks Mickey

  50. Please help!!!! I had pellets inserted at the end of August and almost immediately got acne all over my jawline and lower cheeks. Bad enough, some cystic, that I’ve been to the dermatologist weekly for the past 3 months. I’m on bactrim now, along with spirolactone, saw palmetto and spearmint tea. It finally seems to be clearing up. My question is will the acne go away when the pellets wear off and how long should I stay on the bactrim, I’ve been on it almost a month.?????

    I was given testosterone for low libido

  51. Cheri-pellets typically take about 3 months to leave the body. Our goal is natural hormone balance. My suggestion for you is to call us at 513-444-6343 to set up a phone consultation (free) so you can get tested through us and then we can write a strategy for you for your hormone balance. Your job will be to find a dr in your area to prescribe you hormones based on our strategy. It would be nice for you to find a dr who wants to build his practice in BHRT and could check out my website’s web page on HHC Consulting-Consulting for Doctors. This way we could come in and train him on how to do it right!
    Mickey-I can’t ease your mind. I don’t agree with pellet therapy for women. I am all about hormone balance using physiological dosing of hormones based on accurate lab work. We don’t believe in the pellet philososphy of supra-physiolgical dosing, based on blood work. I would let this pellet run its course (3 months) and not get another one reinserted. You can check out my website’s “Begin Your Journey” for help in getting started on your path to optimal hormone balance for your best health naturally. We do phone consultations as well. (these consultations are free)
    yvonne-pellets wear off in typically 3 months so they should be out of your system. You can probably start coming off the bactrim now. Your acne should not come back as long as you don’t get any more pellets. You can also call us at 513-444-6343 to set up a phone consultation so you can also achieve natural hormone balance with physiological dosing of hormone creams.

  52. I am 75.I hadp a partial hysterectomy in the mid eighties.My doctor started me on Premarin ,however I only took it orally for a short time and then went on the patch,Estradiol, lowest dose.It did make me feel better and look better as well.three years ago I had a biopsy on my breast and thankfully everything was all right?I panicked and went off the patch immediately.Now I can’t sleep,my hair has really thinned out,my skin has lost it’s collagen,I feel very anxious a lot of the time ,etc.Am I too old to go back on hormone replacement,or to use the patch again? Catherine

  53. Hi I’m 45 I had a total hysterectomy nearly 8 years ago, I’ve been on estrogel most of that time, 3 squirts a day. I see my gynaecologist and decided to have testosterone implant for vaginal dryness, lack of energy,never sleeping, and no sex drive. I had my first in-plant in August after trying the patches first. I had my second in-plant in October and I can honestly say the difference in myself was shocking! I had energy again felt alive and well, my love life with my husband was amazing and I’m due this month to have another in-plant ( February ) as it does ware off quickly and this is the longest I’ve gone. I don’t suffer with hair growth and only slight weight gain, but I am suffering with my voice sounding slightly rough and my hair doesn’t feel healthy and has become thinner, it does worry me a lot! I don’t want to go back to how I felt before but slightly confused with what to do

  54. I had a testosterone pellet implanted 2 months ago. It was the second one, the first one was 6 months prior. The reason I did not have one implanted 3 months after the first one was my blood level was still OK. I have just noticed I am experiencing hair loss and thinning at the temples. If I stop taking the testosterone pellet will this stop the hair loss/thinning? Is there anything I can do to get the hair to grow longer and thicker again? Thank you

  55. Catherine-we are all about optimal hormone balance that we use to refill our hormone tank for life. You are not too old. Refilling our depleted hormone tanks that deplete as part if the aging process keeps us healthy. Call us at 513-444-6343 to set up a phone consultation to get educated and to begin your journey.
    Jayne-I feel the same way you do: energy, libido, joy of life but I don’t believe in pellets. I have achieved this with physiological dosing of my hormone creams (I use them vaginally) after checking my hormones at the tissue level of cells using urine strips. Obviously your body is not responding ideally to all the testosterone in your body. The more pellets you get implanted, the more testosterone you will have building up (checking the levels in blood serum isn’t ideal and doesn’t tell the whole picture). I guarantee you will continue to experience more and more symptoms with thinning hair, and male symptoms. Our bodies are not equipped to handle these pellets over time. Don’t be confused. Call us at 513-445-6343 for a free consultation on how to begin your journey to optimal hormone balance.
    Evie-please stop using pellets. Read all the info above. Using blood serum to check your hormone levels does not tell the whole picture. Your hair will grow back as the pellet leaves your system and you don’t reinsert more. You can also buy Saw Pelmetto your hair in the mean time. I urge you to check out my website at to learn more about optimal hormone balance.

  56. I am 51, I had a hysterectomy in 2010, I still have 1 ovary. I get hot flashes, sometimes pretty bad, and then they will fade to maybe once or twice a week. Irregular. My biggest concern is my weight. Last year in June 2013. I lost my insurance and wasn’t able to purchase the RX I was on. I was taking topamax, cymbalta for muscle and joint pain. Some anxiety too. I was also on Wellbutrim, Lipitor. Since going off all this, I have gained probably 30 pounds. I have noticed my middle is getting a thick band of fat, that seem very hard around the abdomen. This really worries me as there is diabetes and heart disease in my family. I also have high cholestrol. And absolutely no energy. The muscle pain and joint pain give me no motivation to work out. I don’t eat crazy. Tho I have bread craving, I am really nervous about the sudden weight gain, I know I have some hormone issues, what they are, no clue. I went to a free seminar on Bio-identical hormones and I was excited. He was pro-test. pellets, if needed. He said he check blood labs to see if thats the culprit. (Testoserone). I would really like a straight up option on my weight gain, hormones, and a proven method that doesnt take years to accomplish. I mean when you use creams, how soon do you lose weight? I’m just at a loss. And now the pellets scare me.I was considering scheduling a appt. with him. Any ideas?

  57. Hi Cyndi,
    I will be frank with you. Rarely is testosterone therapy at the heart of health issues. Pellet therapy is great at giving supra-physiological doses of testosterone to mask underlying issues.
    Weight gain is best managed with balanced hormone therapy, proper supplementation, exercise, and a ketogenic diet. The 3 major hormones: insulin, cortisol, and thyroid need to be proactively
    managed prior to managing sex hormones of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.
    If you schedule an appt with this doctor, your first question should be the strategy for managing insulin, cortisol and thyroid. Only after this discussion, should testosterone be discussed. Finally, you need to determine how testosterone is to be balanced with estrogen and progesterone.
    Be sure you have read the other 55 comments from this blog post to see potential pitfalls of testosterone pellets. I’m fairly certain this dr won’t share these drawbacks with you. I am not a fan of supra-physiological dosing of any hormone. We are all about using physiological dosing of all sex hormones for optimal hormone balance. I hope this info helps you.

  58. It does help honestly. I read all the comments long before I made my own comment and went through your site many times. I have actually visited your page a fee times over the years and have wanted to make a appointment. I have been looking hard for something that can help me . I feel out of control. I have changed my diet, drink only water, some coffee in morning. I eat very little red meat maybe once a month, increase my fish and veggies. Limited my breads. And I still am not losing. It’s been 3 wks and only 4 pounds. I would like to make a appointment but it would have to be after 4pm. I live in Springfield. Is there any hope to get this weight off, get my sex life back on track? In a realistic time period? I want my life back,is summer to soon? Can you email me or call me?

  59. Hi Cyndi,
    We can help! We are women helping women for wellness and are all about educating you. Having been an educator for over 30 years, I know that it is this learning that promotes a change in beliefs and a change in behavior. We will connect with you early this week to set up an appointment, or you can call us at 513-444-6343. Our Vandalia office is probably the closest office to you and it is open on Thursdays until 7:00 p.m. Otherwise our Kettering office offers Saturday appointments for our working women who can’t make it in during the week.
    I look forward to working with you holistically for your best health naturally. Our approach gets at the heart of your issues and offers as balanced strategy that encompasses all areas of concern (adrenal glands, thyroid, sex hormones, weight, heart health) to correct the problems…not just mask the symptoms (as your prescription drugs did). I am excited for you!”

  60. I am very frustrated. I have been on bioidentical testosterone (cream) for a few months. I started off with a dosage of .25 and now I am down to .15 once a day. My problem is that my well-being fluctuates from day to day. As an example, yesterday I felt great until late in the day. Suddenly I had bloating, terrible leg pains and daily leg cramps. Today, the pains are still there, I have a few acne spots, feel bloated, breasts a bit sore, head fog. This is a very low dosage of testosterone, do I need to take a break, is this an adjustment period or do I need to lower my dosage even more?

  61. Lilliane- I have never considered testosterone supplementation as the answer for our hormone needs. Our truth, based on the science and research of our bodies, is optimal hormone balance that incorporates the thyroid, cortisol, and sex hormones of estrogen (if needed), progesterone, and testosterone. We check our sex hormones and cortisol in dried urine strip testing (not blood labs) for the most accurate measure of our body’s needs and then, using our body’s biofeedback
    and physiological doses (only what our bodies need) we refill our hormone tanks. We call this hormone balancing.
    My suggestion for you is to give us a call to set up a phone consultation so we can help get your body back in check. You can call us at 513-444-6343 or email us at I hope this info helps you.

  62. I have had testosterone implants 3x with the last time being mixed with estrogen. Now shortly after the last implant I noticed bruising at the insertion site. I forgot about it and a couple months later was asked where the bruise was from. I now realize that at that site there is a large indentation like the flesh has died under my skin. Went to the dr who did the insertion and all she says is haven’t seen that before you should get an ultrasound on that. I am very concerned. Has anyone experienced this before?

  63. Lyn: I stopped taking the pellets 3 mo. ago after having them inserted x 4. I was also taking oral progesterone, which I also stopped at same time. I continue to have some vaginal bleeding/spotting. How long does it take for all of these hormones to get out of your body. I’ve been checked thoroughly and everything is fine–cancer wise.

  64. It takes about 3 months for the pellets to leave your system. You will want to refill your hormone tanks with physiological dosing of the hormones your body needs, which deplete with age. We use urine strips to identify hormone needs. You can call us at 513-444-6343 to set up a consultation to learn more, or email us at

  65. I’m reading all these comments and find myself having somewhat the same experience as some of the other women. I had my first pellet insertion in Dec. and the second one in April. The first dose overdosed me with testosterone and I experienced a very aggressive attitude, insatiable desire for sex.I also started having periods after being free of them for a solid 6 mos. One month I had 2 periods. The doctor increased my progesterone hoping to stop the periods. The testosterone dose was lowered on the second insertion and I had no radical response but I am still having periods and the last one was 10 days long and now 5 days later I have started again! My doctor adjusted my progesterone down slightly on the second insertion. Unlike the others I have no signs of acne or hair thinning, maybe a little weight gain, no unexpected hair growth in strange areas. After reading all these experiences I have decided not to continue with pellet therapy. Should I continue with the oral progesterone until the end of the pellet life? Will it do any harm if I discontinue progesterone now? I have about 30-60 days of pellet life left at this time. Please advise.

  66. Sherrie,
    My suggestion is to continue your progesterone capsules until they are gone. This will coincide with the dissolving of the pellet. As you know from reading my blog, we don’t believe in ever giving supra-physiological dosing of any hormone….ever. We spend a lot of time rebalancing women after they have finished using pellets. My best suggestion for you is contact us after your 3 month anniversary of your last pellet insertion, so we can guide you on your next steps. You can email us at
    Best, Lyn

  67. I am researching pellets and through your info have decided not to do them. My problem is the cream is not working for me. I have been on 4 mg of testosterone cream daily for a year and my levels are still undetectable. I also do 15 mgs progesterone cream twice a day on days 12-26. Any advice for when the cream is not working? Do I just need a larger dose? Thank you.

  68. Lyn,

    Can you please send me info on hair loss. I had a pellet implant 2 months ago and have started loosing my hair! I am panicing! I read where you told a lady to email you and you would send her some info on hair loss. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thank you!

  69. Shelley, let the pellets wear out and do not get more. To stop the hair loss, you can go to my website’s online store at to order Saw Palmetto. Take 2 a day. This stops the conversion of testosterone to dht. Hope this info helps.

  70. Jillian- we always recommend using our customized BHRT cream vaginally for systemic absorption of the hormones. This works better than topical application. We never measure hormones in blood serum because the results aren’t accurate. We like to use dried urine strip testing. You can go to Precision Analytical Lab in Oregon to order.

  71. I started on hormone pellets in Aug, 2012. I had 5 implants (every 4 months) up through Dec, 2013. I cancelled the apt for Apr, 2014 due to the severe acne (face neck scalp) and now I’m experiencing thinning hair from my forehead to the crown. I’ve had alopecia arreata twice (1985 and 1995) where I suffered severe hair loss. the dermatalogist treated me with shots, a cream and protein shampoo. I had a vaginal hysterectomy in 1980 and was on premarin up until I started the pellets. I have also had a lot of facial hair and weight gain on the pellet therapy. My acne was clearing up, but I recently started on premarin again and now the acne has returned. Please advise what I can do to start hair regrowth and get rid of this acne. Its now been 9 months since a ceased the pellet therapy. thank you for any help you can give me.

  72. I’m getting pellet therapy but it’s NOT only testosterone as you speak of. I am getting all the ones you mention. I take the Progesterone by mouth after its compounded to fit my needs by the pharmacy. I feel much better, much younger, sexier and happier and my husband is thrilled!! I don’t understand why you’d say that pellet therapy is only Testosterone unless perhaps this is an old article maybe?? What I am getting is called bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

  73. Darlene- typically pellets are supra-physiological dosing of testosterone. Testosterone converts to estrogen. So to also use estrogen pellets is a huge concern to me. Finally, oral progesterone converts to other chemicals and very little converts to actual progesterone. At our Happy Hormone Cottage, we are all about HORMONE BALANCING and refilling depleted hormone receptors in the exact amount each woman needs…not a supra-physiological dosing of any one or more hormone. And we do not use blood serum to determine hormone levels, since the hormones in blood serum have already been depleted by the heart, the levels that are shown will appear low. The “therapy” you are on is a real concern to me.

  74. Helen, email me at so you can set up a Functional Medicine phone consultation with Jeff, R Ph, FAARM. He will be able to advise you on all aspects of our issues. His fee is $100 for a 30 minute consultation and $200 for a 60 minute consultation.

  75. Hi Lynn, I have been reading all the questions/feedback about this hormone replacement. i’m 43yrs old. Since last month i have had 3 periods in 1mth, & This month i started my period on Sept 1 thru Sept 9th. And, now started again on Sept 15th & still going. I do bleed heavy w/major cramps, NO Energy what so ever, i so moody, snap easily, and i hate feeling so confused, emotionally and all that. My marriage is on the edge, NO Desire for Sex, (it’s like i’m a walking dead) Alot, of my friends here in Texas have been doing the Hormone Pellet, and reading on it, “It sounds GREAT!” But, i ended up on your article and reading everything it “Doesn’t sound Great” I have made an appt w/a New Gyno Dr to get 2nd Opioion on what is going on. I know it could be my hormones. I take Nothing, I have had an essure. What do you suggest? do ya have clinics in Texas?

  76. Sylvia,
    Thank you for your email. Having pellets inserted is not a “treatment strategy” we endorse for the plethora of reasons you have read from my blogs. We are all about checking hormone levels (not in blood serum) and then customizing hormone creams in physiological doses (exactly what each body needs) of progesterone cream, estrogen cream-after one is no longer having periods, and testosterone, as needed. We also address adrenal and thyroid health.
    We do not have clinics in Texas, but we have a lot of women driving in and flying in from all over the country-including Texas-to meet with our nurse practitioner, Angela. What I suggest you do is to call us at 513-444-6343 to set up a free phone consultation. You can purchase a urine strip testing kit so we can identify your hormone levels as well as cortisol. It would be lovely if you could fly in to see Angela so she can use your test results, as well as your body’s biofeedback, to customize a treatment plan specifically for you. If coming in to see us isn’t feasible, we can always write our recommendation for your hormone balance for a healthcare practitioner you may be able to find in your area. You might try calling a compounding pharmacy in your area and seeing which doctors they use who are prescribing customized hormone creams.
    Please go to and order a great book (easy to read) by Dr Jeffrey Dach, called
    “Bioidentical Hormones 101…..Made Exceedingly Simple.” I also have a book out called,
    “Own Your Journey….to Optimal Hormone Balance.” Becoming educated in the best thing you can do for yourself.
    A final word on pellets. The day is coming soon, in my opinion, when we will be seeing lawsuits from the negative effects of pellets. I urge you to continue to do your homework for your best health naturally.

  77. I am a 63 year old woman who wants her sex life back. I have had two testosterone pellets inserted. One on Aug 23 and the other on Sept.10th, 2014 and NOTHING! I know several women who swear on the great libido effects they feel and the relief of body aches as well. I have not felt those very two thing that I was hoping for. I am also using estrace vaginal cream. The only effects I’ve experienced with the testosterone pellets are mild urinary discomfort with a musky smell and a greasy face. I’m still lacking in sexual desire and my bones scream pain at me everyday. I’m afraid to continue taking either medication – estrace or testosterone pellet insertions because I am an 8 year breast cancer survivor; very serious form of cancer at a serious stage, and I have heard that it’s not a wise idea for women who have had breast, use the estrace because the risk of cancer resurfacing is high. Oh Lord, what do I do? Can you help me? Thank you.

  78. Mollie-thank you for listening to your body. I strongly urge you to give us a call at 513-444-6343 to set up a free phone consultation. The goal would be to check your hormone levels and cortisol levels through our innovative dried urine strip testing so we can write the recommendation for your hormone balance, AND fix your adrenal glands. Fixing adrenal glands and balancing hormones (NOT throwing huge doses of testosterone in your body) positively impacts libido. It does take time….several months… refill hormone receptors and heal adrenal glands.
    If you aren’t able to come to see our nurse practitioner for your hormone balance (we have women flying/driving in from all over), we write our recommendation for a doctor in your area. During your phone conference, we can tell you more. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  79. I am 45 years old, have one 11 year old daughter, and been premenopausal since 38 yrs. old. I’ve been on Sotto Pelle since Jan. of this year (2014) and have had 4 insertions 3 regular and 1 booster. For the most part the pellets have been a life-saver for me. Prior to them I was distraught to say the least with almost every symptom you could think of. I’m in general good health, an “A” type personality, don’t smoke, good weight. Recently acquired high blood pressure (before HRT) . At my yearly Gyno appt. an ultrasound found a 5 cm cyst with irregular fill and size so she wants to remove it. Since I will not stop the pellets (she is not the prescribing doctor of them) she wants to do a complete hysterectomy stating the HRT could very well be the cause of the cyst (s). My questions are1) what are your thoughts on a full hysterectomy vs. just removing the ovary with the cyst? It seems so drastic to take everything when only one thing is broke. But I see the point if the HRT is causing the growths, then the other ovary could be affected as well and I’d be back in for surgery again. 2) I there a typical path someone who is premenopausal takes if they have a complete hysterectomy? I’m worried that I’m somewhat balanced with my hormones now and with the surgery it may put be in a tail spin again? 3) She wants me off the pellets/HRT for 3 months after the surgery to ensure any other endometriosis/growth possibly left behind will not be fed by HRT, do you agree? I fear I will NEVER make it that long after surgery. I have worked so hard to get back to feeling somewhat human again that I am terrified of losing the progress I’ve made. Thank you

  80. I received my second hormone pellet one week ago. Now I am having unbearable anxiety, panic, and insomnia. It is the weekend, so I have to wait until Monday to see if I can get it removed. Do you know if they can surgically remove it one week after insertion? I want this out of my body! Unfortunately I live in GA so you are too far away from me. But I will just go back to my progest cream that I used before.

  81. Hi I started on testosterone pellets about 10 months ago for low libido. At first they worked great but I started having terrible sensitivity to my female part. Also my voice deepened to the point to where I can’t sing high notes. I’m heartbroken. It’s been 5 months since my last implant. I’ve been followed now by my pcp. My testosterone level is 99 it was 142 last month. She started me on aldactone to bring the levels down. Will my voice return to normal or do I have to suffer for the rest of my life with this deeper voice?

  82. Hi lyn! I am 47 years old and I had a hysterectomy about nine year ago. I was put on Premarin for years until my mother in law had a blood clot in her leg. Her Dr. Told her it was the Premarin that she was on. I then started on pellets. I was on them for 31/2 years. I improved in some areas and others, not so much. While I was on the pellets I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I also have had hypothyroidism for almost 20 years. I have been off the pellets for two years now and I feel like a shell inside. Everything is dry. Starting with my eyes down to my my feet. Not just dry, painfully dry. I have no energy and no libido. Also since I was on pellets it seem that my thyroid medicine isn’t doing anything. My GP has raised it from .100mcg to .250mcg. My heart beats so fast tht I think Its going to beat out of my chest sometimes. As I’m typing this it’s beating so fast. I’m on Synthyriod. Please can you give me any advise!

  83. Lynn, I was wondering if you could explain why a testosterone pellet delivery method for women would necessarily result in an inappropriately high dosage in a situation where my physician has based dosages each quarter on the results of 24 hour urine testing done prior to insertion. Also, can you explain why testosterone pellet therapy produce better results in men vs. women? I can’t find any information that talks about either of these two concerns. Everything I have read says that pellet delivery offers the most consistent and even release of the hormone as compared to other methods. So it would seem that the pellet dosage prescribed by the doctor would be the only factor in determining whether or not the pellet is delivering a supraphysiological dosage (i.e. too much??) I began pellet therapy last March 2014 and have had 3 separate insertions of testosterone and estradiol pellets (3 month cycle). My doctor has started me on what he considers very low hormone doses and although I have noticed more facial hair and some hair loss, I have been feeling pretty good. Don’t know if I should be concerned or not. My last T lab result was 25.6 and 100 MG pellet was inserted (slightly lower dose than previous quarter). I would appreciate your input.

  84. Hi Lyn, I have been considering pellet therapy and came across this site, now I am confused. I am 63 and have had hot flashes for 15 yrs. Early on I tried many things, creams, had compounded hormones etc. I would like to try to get my hormones balanced. I have had hair loss, hot flashes, weight gain and I am tired of it. Who would you recommend in Phoenix Az

  85. I’m 38 and went through menopause 2 years ago. I’m 5’2, 108 lbs. My main complaints were headaches, muscle aches and just being tired. After 2 years of trying estrogen and progesterone I finally decided to try the testosterone pellet. Thank God I only received one pellet. Severe anxiety is what I experienced. It’s been 4 weeks and I can’t wait until it is out of my system. So upset with myself……free T was 25 and total T was 435. Any suggestions on how to get it out of my system faster??
    Thanks for your time!

  86. Hi Missy,
    If it has been 4 weeks, your pellet is just now peaking. I’m so sorry you are suffering. We are all about hormone balance in refilling depleted hormone receptors, fixing exhausted adrenal glands (fatigue and no energy) and thyroid issues. We use just physiological dosing– just what the body needs. We simply don’t believe in using supra-physiological dosing of any one hormone, ever.
    You will have to let the pellet run its course. But to help, you can go to my website’s online store ( then click on “shop 24/7”) and pick up Adrenal Support 1 for your anxiety, and magnesium glycinate for your headaches. Take one adrenal support in the morning and 1 in the evening. Take 2-3 magnesium glycinate caplet before bed.
    I highly advise you to give us a call at 513-444-6343 to set up a phone consultation, in about 4 more weeks, so we can help restore your body’s optimal hormone balance. Keep me posted.

  87. Hi Cathy,
    My best suggestion for you is to call us for a phone consultation (513-444-6343) so we can work with you to get you balanced. We can do the hormone testing on sex hormones and cortisol and send you our 10 point thyroid panel. We can also write your recommendation for your hormone balance. You will need to find a doctor there to sign off on our recommendation for your hormone balance. OR, like other women from around the country, you can fly in to see our nurse practitioner. Give us a call for more information. Also check us out at

  88. Michelle,
    You ask several good questions that can best be addressed by Jeff, who is on our team, and has an Advanced Fellowship in Functional Medicine. I can set up a phone consultation between you and him so he can fully address your concerns. His fee is $100 per half hour. Email me at if you are interested.
    I will offer that we are all about hormone balancing therapy with sex hormones, cortisol and thyroid, with physiologic dosing of customized hormone creams, based on cutting edge technology. The strategy you are currently using is not hormone balance. Yes, I would be concerned.

  89. Shelia,
    I am so sorry you are suffering. Please call us at 513-444-6343 to set up a phone consultation so we can help! We can help!

  90. Sandy,
    I’m sorry you are suffering. To answer your question, it is hard to say whether your voice will return to normal or not. It might.

  91. Marjorie,
    I hope you were able to get your pellet removed at the one-week mark. Continue with your progesterone cream, but for optimal hormone balance, give us a call at 513-444-6343 to set up a phone consultation. We help women from all over the country. We would love to help you restore your hormone balance.

  92. A second opinion regarding getting a total hysterectomy would be a prudent choice. If possible I believe it the best idea to retain ovaries as long as possible. I don’t see the use of vaginal or topical progesterone with the pellets so my belief is that you are not hormonally balanced. Symptom abatement is not the same as balancing estrogen with progesterone via physiological dosing. It is quite possible the you have converted testosterone to estrogen and without progesterone supplementation, estrogen dominance is likely occurring that could be linked to the growth of the ovarian cyst.
    We are all about hormone balancing of sex hormones, cortisol and thyroid with customized physiological doses. We do not believe in the supra-physiological dosing of pellets. I encourage you to consider restoring your hormones to their optimal physiological levels using proper physiological dosing of bhrt hormone creams.

  93. i am 54 years oldand I just had my first estrogen and testosterone pellets implanted 3 days ago… After reading these comments (too bad I didn’t find this page while I was doing some research before the insertion) I’m not willing to have them inserted a second time. Is it without any side effects stopping the pellets after one time insertion? And as I’m not happy taking synthetic hormones what are my options? Actually my FSH was 151 … I had a complete hysterectomy 14 years ago, took Estrogene gel until 6 months ago and stopped after being told by my physician, that taking estrogene for such a long period increases the risk of breast cancer. Actually I have a hypothyroid

  94. Marie,
    I think what you are seeking is hormone balance. Your testostorone-estrogen isn’t what we consider hormone balance. My suggestion for you is to let this pellet wear off (3 months from time of insertion) and then call us for a phone consultation at 513-444-6343 so you can begin your journey to optimal hormone balance with physiological dosing of the hormones your body needs, based on viable lab testing (not blood serum). We also look at adrenal glands and thyroid, as needed. You may also want to pick up a copy of my book, Own Your Journey, at my online store ( for more education and information.

  95. I had a testosterone pellet inserted Nov 1. This was my first one. I had several severe night sweats starting the night of insertion but they went away. I have had sore nipples (which I have never had) and lots of water retention/weight gain just in my stomach, which has been constant. My diet has not changed at all and I am an avid exerciser. My stomach feels heavy all the time, as it normally would bloating before my period. It is not a gassy bloat…it is a hormonal bloat feeling. The doctor has repeatedly told me these are not side effects of the pellet. I don’t think this is just a coincidence.

  96. Hi Stacey,
    Listen to your body and what it is telling you. You are correct. Testosterone does convert to estrogen. One of the forms it converts to is estrone (the Breast cancer cell proliferator). It also converts back and forth from estrone to estradiol. This is why your breasts are tender and you have bloating and weight gain. You are one of the lucky ones. Others also experience male pattern baldness, hair loss, acne etc. Pellet “therapy” is not hormone balance. It is supraphysiological dosing of a hormone. How does this make sense for our bodies?
    If you would like to refill your hormone receptors and become optimally hormonally balanced, give us a call at 513-444-6343. We can help. We are all about women helping women.

  97. I have had hormone pellets for the past two years but am starting to have troubles now. The trouble is that I “feel” I am crashing 8 weeks or so after my insertion. But, when I have my blood work performed my levels are reading high. They push me out three weeks and then my levels drop significantly and then I’m a mess emotionally and physically. I’m starting to develop peach fuzz on my chin and started with hair loss several months ago. I would like to stop using the pellets and try something else but I have used Testosterone cream before and my levels moved up extremely slow and not even to the point of helping me feel better. I also was diagnosed four years ago with fibromyalgia. When I first started the pellets it was the best thing ever. My achiness went away, the brain fog got much better, I had energy and even started jogging. Even now after I get a pellet it helps but when the levels start to drop I feel horrible again. I also am on Levothyroxine 25 mcg daily. Do I have to wait three months after pellet insertion to be tested with you? I really hate to crash again and feel terrible. Any help would be appreciated.

  98. I’m on my 3rd Pellet (not going to do it again). My face has been in awful shape since I have been doing this (I guess I will call it acne). Is this a side effect? Also, the degree of severity changes.

  99. Tracy,
    Yes, this is a side effect. I would suggest your body is letting you know this pellet procedure is not in its best interest. Feel free to call us for a consultation on optimal hormone balance. We use physiological doses (just what your body needs) of hormones, and also look at adrenal glands and thyroid, if needed. (513-444-6343)

  100. Cindy,
    We are all about optimal hormone balance in 3 areas:
    Sex hormones
    Adrenal Glands
    I urge you to call us at 513-444-6343 for a consultation, a testing kit (blood serum doesn’t tell the whole story) and then make the trip in to see our nurse practitioner, Angela, for hormone balance. For our pellet people, you can come in and get started on therapy at the end of your second month and then when your test results come back, Angela can customize therapy based on what your body needs. I also encourage you to do Thyroflex thyroid testing with us. Our goal is your best health naturally.

  101. I happened up on your website and was concerned by this article because I’ve had so much positive experience since my pellets. and to think I’m at risk is disheartening. I’m 54 and 5 years ago, I had a total hysterectomy with ovaries removed. My life went downhill after that with zero libido, painful intercourse, aging skin, sleep deprivation, no energy, poor focus and terrible memory. I lost ME! I went to a pharmaceutical compound and was saliva tested…after a year of creams and vitamins, diet change…well, I felt the same…with maybe a little more energy from a paleo diet. I started BRHT Pellet therapy over a year ago and have felt like they were a gift from God. I’ve had an incredible sex-drive, no more painful intercourse, energy, sleep like a baby…I could go on and on. I felt like I should be their “Poster Child”. I have noticed some extra hair growth on my chin, upper lip and bikini line but have always battled with that since I was a teenager. I am truly a new woman, wife and have a new life. I guess my concern was the generalization that this is dangerous for ALL women. I get bloodwork every 3 months and they monitor my levels accordingly. You truly believe I’m at risk???

  102. I now live in the Nashville, TN area. I’ve been on pellets (estrogen, testosterone) and oral progesterone for one year (I’ve had 3 pellet insertions and am due for another later in Feb. 2015). Like many of the other writers, the first time was great and then subsequent times I received the pellets, the positive changes were not nearly as profound. And also like many others, I’m starting to see unwanted side effects like facial hair and acne.
    Before trying the pellets, I was on bioidentical hormone therapy delivered via topical creams, for about 3 years with unsatisfactory results, hence my decision to try the pellets. My BHRT cream doctor was Lynne Mielke in Pleasanton, CA who is supposedly a leading practitioner in BHRT, but my results were not good (i.e. I couldn’t tell a difference with the creams).
    My main reasons for wanting BHRT are libido enhancement and “just feeling better” 🙂
    I am planning on stopping the testosterone pellets at least, because I am beginning to see the bad side effects outweighing the positive change in my libido and energy.
    MY QUESTION (finally!) is, if I go back to testosterone cream, can I expect to see increased libido and energy (which I did NOT experience in my earlier 3-year usage of it)? Maybe my Doc in CA did not give me an optimal dosage level of it??
    Thank you so much for your time.

  103. I’ve been reading all these sad stories!! Mine is the same!! But I didn’t read anyone mention if there hair ever actually grew back after there hormones got back to normal. Could someone please respond and let me know if there’s ever did! Thank you and God Bless

  104. I’ve been on bioidentical HRT for about 10 years in the form of a topical compound (E2, E3, P and TE in 2 different ratios, one for the 1st half of month, one for 2nd). I also insert estriol vaginally in an olive oil base. Once I started on the topical creams, all my menopausal symptoms disappeared except for the painful sex, although it has definitely improved with the estriol. I’m 62 & overall in great health, active & vibrant and still feeling youthful. Periods stopped at age 49. I loved my doctor who prescribed my current HRT but he has switched to a different specialty and is no longer prescribing. Today I visited a gynecologist who swears I should do the testosterone pellet plus a progesterone cream, says all his patients rave about it and it’s more effective and more bioidentical than the creams I’m on. I was thinking of just doing it once, not repeating it, so I could at least experience the full-blown benefits people seem to rave about, and then have that to work toward naturally, but doing research today & reading about all these side effects is SCARY. A yoga teacher I know is convinced that we all have the ability to control our hormones with our minds, but I feel I still need some help in that area, although I’ve had some success doing it. I don’t take any other drugs and have even been weaning myself off most of my nutritional supplements. I believe in our body’s ability to heal naturally but don’t know if I’m ready to go cold turkey yet. Ultimately I’d like to be off all medication altogether. My HRT has been wonderful overall but a bit disappointing in the sexual rejuvenation area, although I do go through periods where I feel highly sexual and can have great orgasms. Intercourse is still a little painful even though I can now achieve penetration, which I couldn’t for years. Would I benefit from a consultation? Is there a cost associated and if so, what is it? Many thanks for taking the time to reply to my somewhat complex question.

  105. Jacquie,
    Thank you for sharing your experiences and your thoughts. My belief is we must refill our hormone tanks as we age to prevent disease and live a high quality life of health. Just as an example, estrogen alone performs over 300 tasks in our body. How will these tasks get done if we don’t refill our hormone tanks with bio-identical hormones? Your doctor’s comment about a pellet being more bio-identical than the hormone creams is a sales pitch with absolutely no truth behind it. My husband is a compounding pharmacist who knows better. We don’t believe in putting any supra-physiological dose of any hormone in our bodies. It doesn’t make sense and all that hormone has to go somewhere. I wonder if your doctor knows or cares that the studies done on pellets have all been done on men. Their results have been extrapolated out for women. This isn’t good enough for me. And we are seeing serious side effects from women who are using pellets over time.
    At our facility, we also address adrenal fatigue and look at thyroid if needed. Both can affect libido and sex drive. Using your hormone creams, including testosterone vaginally, will also help.
    I think a consultation is a good idea. Cost is $25 and can be done over the phone. You can call us at 513-445-6343.

  106. Dina,
    It depends. If your hair loss is similar to male pattern baldness, it won’t grow back. If it is in other areas, it might. You could try Rogaine or Biotin. My husband is also developing a hair regrowth product that is seeing some good results. Just another reason not to get pellets.

  107. Mitzi,
    Please don’t get another pellet. Your body is letting you know it isn’t doing well with such high doses of testosterone being inserted into your body. I would love for you to come and see us. We have a number of clients driving to Cincinnati from Tennessee to see us and our nurse practitioner, Angela. We use physiological doses of bioidentical hormones after doing viable testing (not blood serum) and we recommend using our hormone creams vaginally. This makes a difference in absorption and the refilling of hormone receptors systemically. It is important to note that one must also address adrenal glands, as our adrenal health affects sex drive and libido, so we also treat the adrenals …..and thyroid, if needed.
    Please call us for a consultation ($25). I would love to help you.

  108. Angie,
    Congratulations for having such success. It is a good thing you are on progesterone cream. Without giving away too many trade secrets, application of hormone creams to the skin is not the best course of therapy. So I’m not surprised you were not successful. And if one addresses just sex hormones while neglecting adrenal glands, and sometimes thyroid, success is more limited.
    Most of the time, we start seeing side effects from pellets after the 3rd or 4th implant. This, I believe, is caused by the fact that your hormone levels are higher each time you get your implant. Your testosterone levels elevate first after implantation and as they get progressively higher, more and more testosterone gets converted to dht and estrone, which causes the side effects. Just doing blood work every 3 months misses these elevations.
    For me, not knowing how much of this supra-physiological dose of testosterone (and sometimes estrogen as well) is converting to estrone is a concern. Estrone is the breast cancer cell proliferator. I would not want that excess estrone from the conversion of the supra-physiological dose of testosterone in my system. I think this is just asking for trouble. We see many, many side effects from women on pellets, and spend a lot of our time trying to rebalance them.
    I hope you find this information helpful.

  109. Hello, I’m so glad I found this discussion board! I’ve been doing a bit of researching on hormone imbalance and the pellet… I had my daughter in February of 2014 and after having her it was like I was stripped of everything I was. (if that makes sense) At first I just thought it was normal to feel this way after having a baby but now, more than a year later I’m still not myself. My skin goes through horrible bouts, my hair is just awful. I’m happy one minute, sad the next. I have such a low libido, I mean the list goes on and on…. I was told about the pellet by a friend so started doing some research, thinking that might be my solution! But now reading this, I’m not so sure… I actually have a Dr’s appt scheduled for this Thursday because I finally need to take charge of this and get things figured out. I’m just seeing my normal practitioner to pick her brain as I honestly don’t even know where to start… Do you have women that come in after having a baby with similar issues? What do you usually find is the problem or what they’re lacking? I for sure thought that 13 1/2 months later my body would be back to normal but that just isn’t the case unfortunately. I just don’t even know where to start, I felt as though I was on the right track after hearing about pellets but reading this has me feeling as though I’m back a square one. Not knowing what to do or where to even start. (I am glad I read this info though!) Any advice is appreciated!!!

  110. Hi Angela,
    I’m so happy you emailed me. The one thing I know for sure is that you have to own your own journey to your best health. Be sure you check out my website at I’ve written a book called, Own Your Journey….to Natural Hormone Balance, and we are a holistic health center whose focus is on not only sex hormones, but also adrenal glands and thyroid. I suggest you speak with your doctor at your upcoming appointment but also schedule a phone consultation with my staff ($25) to get educated on refilling hormone receptors that have become depleted through pregnancy, aging, stress etc. Our philosophy, supported by much research and studies (see my website’s recommended reading and resources for more information. we also have a practitioner’s resource section full of studies, as well) is Dr Prudence Hall’s quote: “Hormones are to women what water is to plants.” Scheduling a phone conference with my staff (513-444-6343) will allow you to become more educated into your options. We do dried urine strip testing for sex hormones and adrenal glands and then optimally, our clients meet with our nurse practitioner, Angela Rothstein, so she can create with you, a customized strategy for hormone balance. We also offer innovative thyroid testing with our FDA approved Thyroflex machine (see “thyroid health” on my website) to address thyroid issues.
    We have women coming in from all over the country to see us because I do believe we are one of the few facilities that actually understands hormone balance and goes about achieving it the right way.
    We are vehemently opposed to pellets for women, and spend much of our time trying to rebalance women who have been experienced significant to severe side effects from pellets. I do not believe in putting any supra-physiological dosing of any hormone in a woman’s body. It doesn’t make sense to me. Why are pellets so popular? It is a quick, easy way to make money for the provider, and the first and maybe second pellet insertion can make women feel terrific. But after several pellet implantations (typically after the 3rd-4th one) we see problems developing as the body struggles to make sense of all that hormone raging through the body. You can read about some of these on my blog posts and the discussion board you refer to.
    I hope this information helps. Let us know if we can be of further service.

  111. Hello, I have a lot of questions. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in March 2013 & put on anti thyroid meds which worked fine. I was on them for about 18 mo. Still wasn’t feeling better and looked into hormone replacement pellets. Had my first inserted in Nov. 2014, estrogen & testosterone, with progesterone capsules, 300mg. Felt fine although I did notice my hair was falling out and growing in places I didn’t want it. Also my lady parts swelled up and was told that would go away. Had my 2nd implants in Febr. with lower does of testosterone. She tested my T3 which was on the low end of normal, 2.3. I prescribed Armour 60mg at first then upped it to 90mg a month later. I never felt so bad in my life. Muscle weakness, heart palps, joint aches, you name it. I was advised to quit taking the thyroid. I also experience break through bleeding almost every month & have gained 6 lbs. in a month. I have been menapausal since mid 50’s. I am 61 now. I have decided not to have any more
    implants done. Will my body go back to normal after the pellets have worn off? Meaning will the weight come off & my hair grow back. I work out 3x a week with a trainer & he has even noticed the weight difference. It has been a very stressful 2 yrs. & I think that was the root of my problem, not so much my hormone levels. Found your blog here and found it very helpful. I don’t know which way to turn. Hopefully the pellets will wear off soon. Any advise will be greatly appreciated. Worse decision I ever made. Hope everything isn’t so far out of whack it won’t come back. Thanks.

  112. I started the pellet therapy in August 2014, was redosed with one testosterone pellet in December, and then redosed again on May 12, 2015 with another testosterone pellet. I am 53 years old and peri-menopausal, but still have regular periods hence no estrogen replacement was recommended (estrogen per hormone lab work looked normal). I was also placed on Nature Thyroid for low thyroid function with dose incrementally increased to now 2 grains per day. I did great, felt better, slept better, much better memory and focus, restored libido, overall much better function. However, about 6 weeks ago, I started shedding hair — at least several hundred a day, can just reach in my hair and hair falls out. I am very concerned over this hair loss, and certainly not sure what’s causing it. I feel better, but don’t want to lose my hair. With this pellet in my system with at least 2 more months of effects left, not sure how to stop the hair loss. I take vitamins, have started zinc, take rogaine, but it’s still falling out; fortunately, it has not noticeably thinned yet, but I feel unfortunately it is just a matter of time. Prior to HRT, I was having night sweats, extreme fatigue, dry skin and hair, memory problems, irritability. Not sure what to do at this point — talked to another practitioner who recommends simply estradiol patches and progesterone. Don’t want to go back to my old feelings of misery and fatigue, but definitely don’t want to lose my hair either.

  113. I have just been reading through these comments. I was supposed to go in on Tuesday to get pellets inserted and now I am scared to death. If the pellets are supposed to dissolve slowly, why is that considered a supra-physiological dose? I have tried nearly everything with hormone balancing, am on thyroid medication, and now glucophage as well. I have gained around 40 pounds and nothing I do helps me lose weight. I hate creams–the estrogen cream I have tried almost makes things worse. I have had a hysterectomy and ovaries removed, and I am 45. This clinic is nowhere near me, and now I feel like the little hope I had in trying something new has been taken away. This website has made me even more depressed, because I feel like I have been working with someone with bioidentical hormones and thyroid therapies and nothing has worked. Does no one have a consistent positive experience with pellets? What does is so high with pellets that causes all those problems?

  114. I live in the Philadelphia area and it isn’t feasible to travel to your location. Can I still be a patient long distance?

  115. I am currently on my 3rd month of testosterone pellets. My first month was AMAZING!!!! The consecutive ones, not so much. The clear, happy mind and vital energy during the first month convinced me that I’d finally found the answer to my aging problems! I stopped having periods at 50 then a hysterectomy (kept ovaries) at 55. Tried the creams but had zero improvement. During the 2nd and 3rd course of Tpellets, I have noticed a few more sturdy hairs on my chin and upper lip area and even a few sprouts around my nipples. If I were not single, I’d give my husband a run for his money on the libido thing for sure!! The one thing that really bothers me is that I am gaining weight (5’6″..145 lbs. / normal is 130-135) and it is mostly around my middle and thighs. Also, I’m tired all the time! I certainly sleep better than before but I just feel fatigued all the time now. Is this a side effect of the Tpellets? I live in Arizona and would love to come in for an appointment after this 3rd course goes away. We’re talking about 2 1/2 more months.
    I’d really love to know if the fatigue thing is “normal” / common?

  116. I am 25 years old and have premature ovarian failure. Basically, I am in full blown menopause and have been since age 20. I am so lost because I don’t know the best treatment for me. I am on oral BHRT estradiol and progesterone and topical testosterone but still have issues with my dry eyes. I am so miserable and don’t know the best course of actions since doctors don’t know much about my condition. Also, there is so much contradictory info. Can someone please help me=(

  117. Hi Marci,
    We would love to help you! Being hormone specialists, we understand the necessity and importance of hormone balance and also of not treating sex hormones in isolation. This is why we are a wellness facility. We also look at and recuperate tired adrenal glands and thyroid, eating strategies, etc. We are about recovering your over-all feeling of well-being with our holistic health approach. Obviously your body is letting you know that what you are doing now is not the best approach. Call us at 513-444-6343 to set up a consultation and time table to help you as your 3rd course of pellets ends over the next couple of months.

  118. Patricia,
    We have women coming in to see us from all over the country. You must be seen by one of our nurse practitioners in person. You can call in for a consultation ($25) and buy a testing kit; and our medical staff will write a recommendation for your hormone balance from your test results for a practitioner in your area. (If you can find someone who truly understands hormone balance.) Our clients with the best success, however, come in to see us in person. Hope this info helps.

  119. Jennifer,
    Women are finding a way to come and see us. You can do everything over the phone prior to your nurse practitioner appointment, but you must be seen in person by our NP for treatment. We use a balanced approach to hormone balance that includes sex hormones, adrenal glands and thyroid. We also do not use blood labs because they simply do not give us enough information on how your body uses your hormones- where they are going, what they are doing etc. Give us a call 513-444-6343.

  120. Jeannette,
    I think it is sad that the only options you are being given are testosterone pellets or estradiol patches and progesterone. I see this all the time and simply shake my head. This is not hormone balance. Our approach encompasses valuable testing methods, a holistic approach to not only sex hormones, but also adrenal glands and thyroid, but also proper supplementation. Eating right is also a piece of feeling your best. Refilling hormone receptors, addressing cortisol issues and thyroid …..all lead to hormone balance over time, a feeling of overall well-being and ultimately wellness. Give us a call at 513-444-6343.

  121. Janet,
    How do you know when you need HRT? Our hormones begin to deplete with age starting at right around age 35. Progesterone levels begin to drop and women begin to notice things like:
    Sleep issues, anxiety, depression, moodiness, fatigue, lack of libido. As we hit Perimenopause, and our estrogen levels also decrease significantly enough, we begin to notice brain fog, hot flashes, night sweats. And testosterone levels decrease to impact bone density, memory and sex drive. Accompanying this is often exhausted adrenals due to our stressful lifestyles and faulty thyroid. So all women need hrt. We only believe in refilling hormone receptors with bioidentical hormones that are customized and compounded for each woman, based on what her body needs. This is called hormone balancing. We refill our hormone receptors to feel our best, but also to help prevent disease as we age: heart disease, breast cancer, dementia and osteoporosis.
    I hope this answers your question. I will add that keeping our hormone receptors filled as we age is critical, and that this is a lifelong strategy…….like brushing our teeth.

  122. Dear G.K.
    I’m so sorry for your pain. I understand that as we age, our bodies need the hormones we are no longer able to produce, in the amounts we need. Dr Prudence Hall says, “Hormones are to women, what water is to plants.” This sums up beautifully our philosophy. Give us a call at 513-444-6343 for a consultation and to start your journey with us. You will find a way to come and see us in Ohio, like many other women do, if it is important to you. We all do what us most important to us. Looking forward to meeting you!

  123. I will be calling, I’ve been pelleted twice. Long story short I have 7/10 lbs of fluid in the mid section and after my first pellet the sleep improvement went away. My biggest fear is I feel more calm and over all more emotionally balanced. I re pelleted because it was nice to feel normal & rational. I’m 44 so I’m in the early stages of menopause ? who do I ask for? My case gets more complicated… Don’t want to get into that. Do you have any tips t get the fluid off quicker? Spironalactone ?

  124. Hi Rhonda,
    I love that using pellets is now a verb….repelleted! Give us a call at 513-444-6343 to set up your initial consultation phone call. This will enable you to get the info you need and understand what we do and what this entails for you. Getting your test results back so we know what we are dealing with is the first step. We are all about optimal hormone balance in sex hormones, adrenal glands, and thyroid (if needed). Ours is a health & wellness journey for a high quality of life for the long haul. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  125. Hi, I’m glad I found this page…. was calling about pellets tomorrow morning.
    I just turned 40 in July. I had a complete hysterectomy with removal of ovaries when I was 38. Right after surgery my Dr put me on synthetic estrodial. I quickly found a bio identical specialist that put me on a patch with prog/test cream. I felt horrible! Weight gain, headaces, sinus infections, brain fog, no energy, moodiness, angry….you name it, I felt it.and a tingly tongue every nighy. So I went off everything and felt amazing for 4 months. Even lost12 lbs.
    Then the night sweats and hot flashes started so after 3 months I found another lab and started back on bi identical 50%estrodial 50%estradiol cream with a small dose of test. And 100 mg of oral progestone. I’ve put on 15 lbs in 3 months and am very tired. I don’t have all the side effects I had with the patch but this weight gain is horrible!!!(I am habing slight headaches the last week)I’m also newly married and have completely lost my sex drive. PLEASE HELP I don’t know what else to do???

  126. Just found your site while reasearching the pellets and side effects. I am 61 yrs. old. Have been in menopause for 10 years. I had a pellet implanted in April 2015. Have never had any major health issues and still have uterus and ovaries. I was not having extreme menopause symptoms, but the staff at my ObGyn office all raved about how the pellet was helping so many patients feel better overall and lose the “menopause weight gain”. Within 2 weeks my breasts were engourged, and extremely uncomfortable. Next, I had break through bleeding. Dr. prescribed Progesterone caps (200mg) and bleeding stopped for a few weeks, but returned again. Had a sonogram which showed I had a fibroid tumor. I had never had any symptoms, and can’t understand why Dr. didn’t find it in any of my regular physicals. Dr. wanted to immediately do a d&c, but also told me fibroid would probably return and I would probably need a hysterectomy later. I wanted a more conservative approach, but my Dr. had no other options to offer. Now, 6 months later, I am having spotting again. Both times it has happened have been very stressful days. I feel like it’s all hormone related and my hormones are still not balanced. My instincts tell me I never had the correct dosage in the pellet and it started this rollercoaster. Worst decision I could have made. After the pellet was out of my system, the fibroid should have shrunk without added estrogen. Instead, the spotting indicates I still have too much estrogen. My Dr. will not prescribe Progesterone caps again because I don’t want to start surgery (with a d&c – and then a probable hysterectomy). How do I get back to normal?

  127. Susan,

    I don’t know where you live but you would benefit from coming to see us. We spend a lot of our time rebalancing women after their bad experience with the pellet. You can call us at 513-444-6343 to get more information and to set up a phone consultation if you are interested.

  128. Brandy,

    I would love for you to visit us at our facility in Ohio. Women are coming to see us from all over the country. You can call us at 513-444-6343 to get more information and check into the logistics of a visit so we can work with you.

  129. thank you for posting, I have been struggling with my HRT since my ovaries/uterus was removed. Through several years of experimenting , I discovered I can not tolerate any form of progesterone at all, even in small dosages, within days I feel awful just miserable like I have the worst pms in the world . So now I just use estrogel and a compounded 2% testosterone cream but having trouble to keep hormone levels normal. Anyways I was about to go for the pellet therapy, I actually have an appointment this week, but now I am not going to do it. I am going to try and find a different doctor hear and work on a different solution. Grateful you posted this as I would just die, if I had these side effects after all I have been through medically.

  130. I want to testify that Lyn is so correct! I will be calling their office this week! I was told about Lyn, but wasn’t sure when I could get to Ohio, so I did get a pellet treatment on Nov 16th. The only reason I did, was I wanted the thyroid medicine and they would not give it to me unless I did the whole “hormone package.” When you are desperate you sometimes do stupid things, or the wrong thing! So, on Nov 16th, I had them do the implants. I was not having a period for almost two years, and this week I am bleeding like I have a full blown period! Not a thing I wanted! I have gained weight and that is not fun either. So, I will be driving my butt over to Ohio from Virginia Beach. It is so sad that so many doctors are ignorant to women’s health and hormones. Lyn is a gift to all women and I can’t wait to meet her and get my life back in order with my hormones.

  131. I had my second set of testosterone pellets inserted about a month ago. My Dr. prescribes DIM along with the pellets and says that it prevents the body from turning the testosterone into estrogen. She also prescribes spironolactone and says that it prevents the unwanted side effects such as extra hair growth, etc. As of now, I have not had any unwanted side effects, however, I have not had a period in almost 4 months. I was always very regular so that tells me something isn’t right. What are your thoughts on using the 2 medicines in conjunction with the testosterone pellets?

  132. Marie,
    I’m so happy you have reconsidered on the pellets. We are all about hormone balance and refilling hormone receptors with the exact amount of hormones you need (estrogen, progesterone and testosterone) that your body needs, based on meaningful hormone testing (not blood labs). Since your body makes progesterone, I’m not sure why you can’t tolerate it. We use a compounded progesterone cream made from plant based powders.
    Let me know if we can be of service. Feel free to call us at 513-444/6343 for more information.

  133. Belinda,
    Since you asked my opinion, I’m not in favor of any hormone treatment for women involving pellets. We are all about hormone balance. This means checking your current hormone levels via meaningful lab work (not blood labs) and then refilling depleted hormone receptors with the exact dose of hormones (physiological dosing) that your body needs. We use customized, compounded hormone creams made from plant-based powders. Hormone pellets use huge doses of testosterone, that converts to estrogen, (unless you are using an estrogen blocker. DIM metabolizes excess estrogen. It does not block the conversion of testosterone to estrogen). You are also missing progesterone- the first piece of hormone balance. We actually do not give women still having periods, estrogen. Are your adrenal glands being treated? Is your thyroid balanced? We also look at these body systems in our optimal hormone balance strategy.
    I hope this answers your question. Let us know if we can be of assistance in getting your body in balance. 513-444-6343 to set up a phone consultation or for information.

  134. I have been on bhrt pellets for just over 2 years now. I love everything about them except I have had allot of facial hair growth and even had to start electrolysis. I had my levels checked recently and my testerone was at 174! I was getting 125mg of testosterone, 6mg of estradiol and taking 100mg progesterone. My last pellet insert we reduced it to 75mg of testosterone, incresed to 12mg of estradiol because my migraines were returning with frequency and the progesterone stayed the same. I will be going down to 50mg of testosterone and 6mg of estradiol at my next insertion which I do every 4 months. How soon should I see my T levels drop and will the hair stop growing??? I would love to get off these all together but my migraines are so debilitating that I don’t think I can.

  135. I was put in HRT pellets and it was wonderful the first time, no more hot flashes, mind fog, etc. then after I wasn’t feeling anything but was getting depressed and the dr gave me a booster, which still didn’t do a lot. It did make me brave, where I would not be scared to speak my mind or care what anyone thought. I was able to handle my mothers death without breaking down. Everyone was amazed how I kept my composure. Now I am having some pressure on chest and some light chest pains – stressed related feelings. I cannot cry and hold things in and feel like I am going into a depression, hopelessness. I feel like I am being pulled everywhichway and cannot take anymore. I want to cry Cz of what I have held inside but cannot. I have some Brest tenderness and some pain, my hair has been falling more than usual. I had another injection and no difference.
    The dr has me taking natures thyroid 1 grain to take everyday it gave me chest pain and pressure. I stopped. He told me to take one a week and slowly start upping it.
    When I started I had bloodwork done through my dr and I didn’t show problem with thyroid. He hen requested a different thyroid blood test and I heard him say that it was good but he was going to up it so much and gave me the 1 grain thyroid pill, on the bloodwork that I had done I wld hear him say out loud that they were at good levels but he was going to up them, which I assume we’re the progestin and hormone bloodwork. I don’t understand why I need to take a thyroid pill if I don’t have a thyroid problem, I am afraid taking this will start provoking my thyroid to where I will have a problem. I also have to take A D K, DIM and iodine every day.
    I only had bloodwork done that one time and the booster and now 4 months later I got another injection and no one checked my blood levels or anything. The office is in a spa type place with ladies that never answer he phone and when they schedule you, they wait till last minute to tell u that dr is out of town, then reschedule u later.
    My friend had Dr’s telling her that she did not need the thyroid pill and took her off of it, she went to several others which kept telling her that she was not showing a problem with her thyroids, till she found this HRT Pellet Dr who gave her a different test and found that she needed to be on thyroid medication. I don’t know if she should be taking that medicine for thyroids, and if his blood test was legit, he said alot of dr’s do not do this bloodwork to check for thyroids Cz it is not approved as the pellets r not.
    After reading this. I had my suspicions. I do t feel well at all. My friend claims she feels better and can deal with anything when she has her pellet injection, but I think it is numbing her and it is making her more harsh, she speaks her mind, and sometimes it hurts her friends and loved ones. She calls it clarity, but I don’t know. I think it numbs u and makes u agitated, so u tell people what u think or feel abt something they did.
    I hope this makes sense, and I wonder if u cld answer the part of me having to take thyroid meds when there is no problem w thyroid even with his other bloodwork exam. I am worried.
    Also, no more pellets. I cannot handle the feeling and will have to find another method. I hate having to deal with the menopause feelings again, but the risk is not worth it.

  136. Maria,
    I really hope you can call us for a step one consultation over the phone (513-444-6343) and then schedule an appt to come in and see us in person. We don’t validate
    numbers in bloodwork because they don’t really give us enough information. We also have a wonderful Thyroflex machine that we use, in addition to lab work, for our thyroid.
    You can read more about this thyroflex machine on my website at and then click on “thyroid health” in the main menu. I agree with many of your
    concerns and would love to treat you in person. Give us a call. lyn

  137. here is a reason you are growing facial hair, having migraines, etc and much of it has to do with hormone imbalance. I don’t believe that pellets have anything to do with hormone
    balance. They simply don’t make sense in terms of the biochemistry of our female bodies. Give us a call to set up a phone consultation and to get more information: 513-444-6343.

  138. Hello,
    I had my first hormone pellet insertion 5 weeks ago. I have never felt worse. Muscle weakness, shortnesss of breath, headaches, foggy thinking, weight gain, you name it! I feel like someone pumped me up with fluid. The worst thing I could have done. My doctors office did blood work 4 weeks into the pellet therapy. I have Hashimotos Thyroiditis and my thyroid levels are off. It shows on the blood work range for testosterone that it should be about 60, mine is at 250. My blood pressure is also higher than normal. Never had blood pressure over 112/70 prior to the pellet.
    The dose I was given in the pellet was Testosterone – 112.5mg and Estradiol – 10mg. I’m also taking 200mg Progesterone capsule at night along with 2 DIM daily. I will NEVER do this pellet insertion again. Is there anything I can do to start feeling better other than to wait for this to get out of my system and then rebalance everything? Thank you

  139. Jill,
    I’m so very sorry you are going through this, and to have Hashimoto’s on top of it… must feel
    physically awful. The life of a pellet is about 3 months so you are half-way through it. I imagine it is peaking
    right about now and will slowly subside. I’m not sure where you live but we have an effective
    Hashimoto’s Protocol at my facility that would be a place for you to start to feel better. This goes hand-in-hand
    with hormone balance and adrenal health. This is why we don’t treat just sex hormones. It is all
    about balance and wellness. Email me at

  140. I too have been doing testosterone pellets with progesterone pills. I am not doing them again. I saw someone ask, but you did not answer. Will my facial hair cease if I do not continue the testosterone pellets.

  141. Hello. I had my first pellet inserted last month. 15 days later, I experienced severe cramps, for 4 days, and some spotting. It was horrible. The doctor who did the insertion said there’s no correlation between cramps and the pellet. I find it hard to believe, never having had cramps so bad, that I get them now. Besides a hysterectomy, the only other answer was that maybe the testosterone is turning to estrogen, though a long shot. I’ve been prescribed anastrozole to block estrogen. Should I take it or will I be making things worse? Any help to get through the months until this pellet wears off and I can get to you will be greatly appreciated!

  142. Im 45 and WAS in excellent health. Apparently I got a wrong treatment but they wont tel lme nor will they take out the pellet. I will never go back.. My progesterone was normal when I went to Nufemme in January. Since seeing them my progesterone is SKI HIGH per a phone call from them after lastlabs in March and Ive been ill and EVERY side effect listed from high progesterone when I am usually never sick!!! Just got out of the ER yesterday 2 catscans xrays etc and fevers of 104.7!! UTI, kidney stones, ovaian cysts. (hysterectomy in 2002 for nothing but a slightly prolapsed bladder

  143. Lynn:
    I’m so sorry. We don’t believe in using pellets in women. We can help rebalance you. Give us a call
    at 513-444-6343 to set up a phone consultation ($25) to investigate your next steps. I would start with
    our specialized hormone testing. Depending on whether you can come see us, or whether we can write
    our recommendation for a doctor in your area who would sign off on our recommendation….these are
    options we can discuss.

  144. Rhonda,
    Testosterone does convert to estrogen. There are 3 types of estrogen: estrone ( E 1, the Breast cancer causing
    estrogen, estriol ( E3, the calming gentle estrogen that babies in the womb are in) and estradiol (E2).
    Take the Anastrozole to stop the conversion. I’m hoping you won’t get more pellets.

  145. Emmy,
    Yes, your facial hair will decrease when you are no longer inserting whopping doses of testosterone
    into your system. Please don’t do anymore pellets and tell your friends not to, either.

  146. I really wish I had read this a year and 5 months ago. I had a total hysterectomy in jan 2014. I started having hot flashes, etc about three months later. I was a drug rep that called on OBGYN’s even promoted an estrogen gel. After trying all pharmaceutical products nothing was working. Biote was just coming out and a few docs were trying it. Great reviews. I thought well let’s try it since nothing else is working and I can’t deal with these issues. After my first dose with estrogen and testosterone I started feeling better. No progesterone was given since I had no uterus. I started feeling better, maybe to much since I felt like a 16 year old boy. This is embarrassing but my clitoris grew and it scared me. I thought what the hell is this. My docs laughed and said it will upside after the testosterone wore off. Well my husband loved that I would gladly have sex anytime of the day. I grew a little hair but not much. I went for my second dose 4 months later and asked for a lower dose. Within a month I gained 20 pounds. Seriously 20 pounds. I was a size 6. Work out and ate well. Took me 6 months to get back to normal. Decided to go to a different doc after this. They looked at my levels and said he had over dosed me. Really? I could have told you that. They put my on a lower dose. First time again was fine. Gained again but only ten pounds. Yes, only ten. Getting tired now and a little irritated. Pain in joints. Asked for progesterone and again you don’t need it. I thought yes I do since I had my surgery because of endometrosis. Well I went a head for the second dose. Within a month I gained another ten pounds. Mind you no matter how well I ate or exercise the pounds didn’t come off. I went from a size 6 and now a size 12. My waist use to be 32 now 38 and hips at 41. I gained so much fat around my middle. I have never had fat on my hips much less this much on my stomach. Hot flashes are still awful with my last dose on March 1st. I can’t sleep anymore. I wake up at 1 am or 4am. Tired, depressed, memory loss, face swelling. I have been working out for almost 2 months now. 1200 calorie diet with 2 days bootcamp, 2 days with trainer and 2 days on my own and believe me I work out. Guess what. NOTHING. My arms and legs look good though. Even my mother and friends noticed that I have never been this big. I had enough. Started to looking for natural hormone doctors. I found one and saw her today. I am doing a fluid test to check all my levels tomorrow. This is a much better approach than blood. After speaking with her she says that the pellets have made my body estrogen dominant. Which the testosterone has turned to estrogen on top of the other estrogen. Why I can’t lose any weight. She asked why am I not taking progesterone. I explained that I asked for it but they said no. No reason for it. I can’t wait for my results to come back and what she is going to put me on. Wish I could some how get rid of these pellets now but they are there to they dissolve. I raved about the pellets at first but now, please do not get them. They are horrible. They do not help with hot flashes or anything else. AGAIN, FROM MY OWN EXPERIENCE, DO NOT GET THE PELLETS. I hope someone reads this and learns from it. If I would have read this, I would have never wanted them. I couldn’t find anything on the internet with bad info, so now you have it. Good Luck.

  147. Hi Cindy,
    Thank you for sharing your experience. I know that all women need progesterone, with a uterus or
    without a uterus. I agree with your new doctor’s assessment. All women over the age of 35 are estrogen
    dominant. The testosterone in pellets does convert to estrogen, making the estrogen dominance worse.
    I also agree in not using blood serum to assess hormone levels. It doesn’t provide us with enough
    information. Hopefully this new doctor will balance your hormones. If you need our help, you are
    welcome to call us at 513-444-6343. For more info, check us out online at

  148. I had my second set of Biote hormone pellets. I’ve gained 30 pounds, and continue to have fatigue, irratibilility, mood swings. So they want to give me an increase shot of estrogen. Anyone have any feedback on the continued side effects ?

  149. I had pellets about 6 months ago after a hysterectomy. I felt blown up like a balloon and gained 10 lbs after being stable all my life until 53. I also had a lot of breast pain, including shooting pains. I still feel like a balloon. My friend had pellets too at the same time and complained about her breasts hurting her for months. We both do not like pellets and there was no question that neither of us would do them again. I feel a little cheated. The Dr’s make a lot of money, the pharmacist said that a pellet costs less than a dollar for the materials, but they sell it for $250 and then charge for the surgery. And the surgery hurts. I laugh at the websites that say you might be slightly sore for a day or two. Lets say, very sore and wearing a surgical bandage for several days and sore for at least 2 weeks. My friend also complained of the same thing, so it wasn’t just me.

  150. I found this website as I was researching bioTE. I went for a consult today and with my history as I will explain I ended up having my blood drawn to possibly start this. Sounded like they could really help me and now I feel disappointed reading the reviews. I have not yet agreed to doing the pellets but spent a lot of money for the blood tests to be done. Before I give you a little history of myself any input or support is much appreciated at this time.
    My problems started around September 2013. My body just started to feel different. I wasn’t sure what was going on. I was already on meds for very mild depression. I spoke to my gynecologist about how I was feeling and that PMS symptoms were getting worse. She did lab work and said my estrogen levels were fine and had me take Prozac I think around my period which was not helping. With this all happening I had developed pain on my right side under rib. Every gallbladder test possible was done and everything was good. I kept telling them the pain started the day before or day of when my period started. Still no answers. Pain so severe that I I had to sleep in a chair and was painful to take deep breaths. Doctors kept saying it was just a strained muscle. My depression in the meantime was getting worse and I was on trial and error to find a balance for me. The worse time was around my period.
    September 2014 I actually admitted myself to a psychiatric hospital because I hit rock bottom and for the first time had suicidal and hopelessness thoughts but never wanted to act on it. At that time I was diagnosed with severe depression, anxiety and PMDD. I continue to see a psychiatrist to manage which I feel to many meds and do therapy.
    Pain on right side continues and really getting best of me. Summer 2015 I went to ER for pelvic pain. November found out I had endometriosis. Surgery done on pelvic December 2015. Still no answers to side pain but worsened. Did my own research and found article on diaphragmatic endometriosis and everything was spot on. Was referred to a specialist and March 2016 surgery done for endometriosis on diaphragm. It is June now and have gone through a couple cycles. Pain not as severe but still uncomfortable during this time. Spoke to specialist and my choices is to start Jolivette 0.35mg tablets or have complete hysterectomy including ovaries. I wanted to know my options to manage menopause after hysterectomy and doing lots of research and now I don’t know and scared. I’m sorry this is a lot of information but this is a big decision for me. I am 41 and done having children.

  151. Justine,
    I’m sorry for all you have been through. I’m even more sorry that our standard of care has such limited options that offering Prozac, birth control or surgery are the only options offered. Here is where having a Functional Medicine approach would be helpful. FM is a holistic treatment of the body that gets at finding the cause of issues and fixing them…..not just band-aiding symptoms. Hormone balance is one area that could benefit you. Either research a good functional medicine doctor in your area or come and see us. You can call us at 513-444-6343 to start your journey with a consultation in person or over the phone ($25) to get information on how we can help.

  152. Ann,
    I’m sorry for your experience. I hear this a lot. I don’t recommend pellets. We are all about hormone balance and refilling hormone receptors to eradicate hormone imbalance symptoms that are part of the aging process, but most importantly to prevent disease as we age. Check out my website for more info:

  153. Southern,
    Since you are asking for feedback, I would do no more pellets and let them wear off, before pursuing a facility that promotes hormone balance using physiological dosing of the hormones your body needs. This information is not best found in blood. Estrogen is a fat storer. You have already gained 30 pounds because the testosterone pellets you were given converted to estrogen. Yet they want to give you more estrogen?? Run!

  154. I started Bio hormone replacements last year around November 2015 the first two injections were good. I felt better overall no more sweats, improved sleeping and my sex life skyrocketed. Got my third injection in April and I have been bleeding out of control everysince. The cramps are unbarable and my breast has grown i know two sizes which im not complaing about however they hurt so bad I can’t hardly sleep. My doctors slolution is to take more progrsterone which i am now on 200mlg daily and no improvement. I am a runner and have not been able to run because of all these issues. I can’t wait for this crap to be out of my body. Im done Id rather sweat a little and live on melatonin, pray and accept the fact that this is just part of the process of aging than to deal with this crap..#Ican’t

  155. Got hormone pellets (estrogen and testosterone) and progesterone by mouth. Thought everything was great at first. Then second go round about four months later, Doctor increased estrogen (don’t know why). Getting pellets was the biggest mistake I ever made! Within two weeks of second pellet insertion, I started losing hair like crazy (have probably lost 1/3 to 1/2 of my hair), have about 20 pounds of fat around my midsection, and my breasts were sore for months. It’s been four months now and I’m wondering how long I should keep taking the progesterone? I can’t get a straight answer from Doctor because he won’t acknowledge that the pellets have anything to do with my complaints/symptoms. I don’t ever want pellets again, and don’t want to take any hormone I don’t need to take. Help! Can I stop the progesterone?

  156. I had pellets put in about 3 months ago. After the first month my testorone levels were 415! Way too high. I feel like my skin is on fire and my scalp is itching like crazy. Has anyone else had side effects with too much testosterone?

  157. I really wish I had read this too. I have gained 20 lbs in a few short months after having bio t as a recommendation from my OBGYN. I have been very irritable low sex drive due to my new “figure” and consequently depressed. My hair continues to fall out and grow on my face instead. I agree the insertion of the pellet is painful and I couldn’t sit comfortably or sleep for 2 weeks. I was very bruised.

    Is there any hope that my body will go back to my normal? I know it wears off, however my fear is that the weight gain will stay unless I absolutely starve myself. My OBGYN put me on thyroid medication and said my symptoms are not normal. They claim a little acne and some facial hair but not weight gain irritability and fatigue. I’m still working out eating healthy and sleeping well I don’t know what else I can do to get this weight off. ? Help!!

  158. hello all. i got my first round of pellets about 8 weeks ago (testosterone only). i am experiencing HAIR GROWTH in unwanted places. my chin, neck, and im noticing it become darker on my face in general. i am absolutely freaking out. i have never had hair growth before.


  159. Hi Amanda,
    I’m sorry! The pellet will need to wear off in about 3 months….so another month. You can pick up the supplement, Saw Palmetto, that will stop the conversion of testosterone to DHT, which is contributing to your excess hair growth. You want hormone balance of your sex hormones and adrenal glands…not a whopping dose of any one hormone. This doesn’t make sense biochemically in our bodies.

  160. I had my second pellet injection about 5 months ago. I was told to keep taking my progesterone from the beginning. After the first Injection I had some soreness of breasts and itching scalp. Otherwise I felt great with increased libido. I gained only a couple of pounds. About a month after the second injection I had break through bleeding. That has been disturbing since I haven’t had a period in over 15 years. I regularly see a holistic physician but made this decision on my own. He was not happy with my decision and I wish I had not done it now. I was taking compounded hormones before and now I am trying to get balanced again with his help. My husband had the pellets also and has had no problems but I would not recommend them after my experience.

  161. I had my blood drawn last week and I’m scheduled to start the pellets on Friday but now I’m terrified! I was hoping they would be the solution to my problems. I’m tired, poor sleep, getting harder to lose weight (mostly from too tired to exercise), concentration issues and a complete lack of sex drive. I’m not sure what to do now. The friends that referred me to them have had nothing but good things to say. Help!! Please!

  162. Brenda,
    I’m happy you are listening to your body and now focusing
    on achieving hormone balance with physiologic dosing of
    compounded customized hormone creams. This is refilling
    hormone receptors for your best health naturally for the
    long haul. Pellets may be an option for men, but honestly
    we prefer testosterone injections for our men. Wishing you
    the best. ~lyn

  163. Dear Kecia,
    Your friends will most likely experience issues down the
    road. I’m glad you did your homework. You need to find
    an integrative or functional medicine doctor who believes
    in hormone balance using customized compounded creams.
    He should also address adrenal glands and thyroid as
    needed. This is hormone balance ….not putting supra-
    physiological doses of one hormone in your body. If you would
    like to set up a phone consultation with our facility, give
    us a call at 513-444-6343. ($25 for the initial consult)

  164. Is it dangerous to stop doing the pellets all at once? I have gained 25 lbs and want to lose the weight. I have read online that many do not lose the weight after they stop the pellets. I need to work with you to develop the right hormonal program for me because this isn’t it. If I could dig the pellets out of my hip right now i would. I just got more last week and just read all this online. It explains why I’m gaining weight like crazy. I feel like I’m in someone else’s body. Help! How do I get off this….

  165. Dear Lisa,
    My best suggestion for you is to call us at 513-444-6343
    to set up a phone consultation ($25) so we can work with
    you to get you hormonally balanced. I would do this over
    the next 3 months as your pellets wear off so we can
    transition you from your supra-physiological dosing to
    optimal hormone balance based on the dosing your body
    needs. This is determined by our state of the art testing.
    Looking forward to your call. ~lyn

  166. Hi, I have been on Soto Pellets (testosterone) for over a year now. They worked great at first (for night sweats, fatigue), but they did have to increase my dose and the last few rounds I have acne, facial hair, and have gained about 20 pounds! Suffice it to say once this most recent round wears off, I’m done. I live in the Tampa Bay area. Can you recommend a doctor or practice like yours in this area where I could seek help? My zip is 34221, but I’m willing to drive an hour.

  167. I received my first injection of pellets on August 15, 2016. When I had them inserted I had a UTI and was given an antibiotic for 17 days. last week I went back to doctors office with same symptoms plus I complained of severe swelling in the vaginal area to the point it is uncomfortable to sit down. The Doctor did not examine me, but only said you look good. I was given another antibiotic Cipro. I have five more days left of the Cipro, but I still have severe swelling. What can I do? I am miserable!

  168. I have had nothing but issues before and after testosterone pellet therapy. Constantly out of balance, no sleep for years now. I was so low initially I would be low again 3 weeks after pellet insertion. They kept increasing my dosage, well now at my last testing I was at 176. I kept saying I was concerned about too much, and didn’t want hair loss, they said no way you will have hair loss,….now, shedding a lot of hair. I haven’t gone back or had a pellet in about 5 months. I have gone to several integrative and have had no relief. I really just want balance and my hair to stop falling out!

  169. Dear KP, Trish and Christi,
    I’m so sorry for your experience with pellets. My suggestion is that you let them wear off (3 months typically) and then find a facility that understands hormone balance by refilling hormone receptors with customized, compounded hormone creams. I don’t know of other facilities since we have women flying and driving in from other parts of the country to see us. Feel free to give us a call at 513-444-6343 for information and help.

  170. I’ve been reading all these comments and my question is – is everyone talking about synthetic hormone pellets?? I just received BioTE bioidentical pellets today and I was hoping it would be something I would like. These comments though have me slightly concerned. I’ve never taken any kind of hormones before. I just turned 38, I’m a healthy girl – not on any kind of medication. I have one ovary & 5 years ago had uterine ablation done.The past few months I’ve expierenced weight gain, hot flashes & night sweats, which is what made me go in to have my hormones checked. My lab work showed me to be post-menopausal with a testosterone level of 12 and an estrogen level of 14. Any help/advice would be appreciated! Thank you!

  171. Angel,
    Pellets are supra-physiological doses of bioidentical testosterone. Pellets are pellets whether they are made by BioTE or Sotto Pelle etc. If you had your hormone levels checked in blood, this doesn’t provide you with much information. It just provides a number. I’m much more concerned with your symptoms and how your body is using (methylating and metabolizing) your hormones. At my Happy Hormone Cottage, we are all about checking estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol and thyroid with viable testing methods (we do use blood in a 10-point thyroid panel to check thyroid, along with our thyroflex machine) and then refilling hormone receptors as needed for optimal hormone balance. We use only physiological dosing of our hormones. When one uses testosterone pellets, they will also convert to estrogen. Without progesterone to balance out this estrogen, you will be prone to weight gain and a heightened risk of breast cancer, since unopposed estrogen carries with it these risks. And if you methylate your testosterone down the 5-alpha reductase pathway, your testosterone will convert to dht for male pattern baldness and hair loss.
    The bottom line for me is this: Anything I can’t control when I put it into my body, like pellet implants, I’m uncomfortable with. And we spend a lot of our time fixing women who have had negative experiences with pellets.
    If you would like more information on what we do, feel free to give us a call at 513-444-6343 to set up a step one consultation ($25). Best~lyn

  172. Hi I am having similar issues like everybody. I lost about 40oercent of my hair thickness. Severe acne. I had 2 rounds of pellet therapy in march and July. I loved how it made me feel since menaupose was horrible and my libido was nothing was about 6 years. I am worried about my hair loss being permanent. I went to OBGYN and she said she never had a pt losing hair hard to beleive. I am waiting for my blood work results. I am very depressed and starting to gain weight without any changes in my lifestyle. Please help!!! Chantal

  173. Hello,I just found your sight! I am scheduled to have T pellet inserted on nov 29th. I was told they would be the cure all for my zero libido lack of sleep lack of energy lower my body fat and basically change the misery I have been experiencing for 12 years!
    Now after reading all of these personal experiences I am terrified to have them inserted
    My biggest issue of all is no libido and no lubrication. This had destriyed my marriage of 20 years to my high school sweetheart ! Basically a lifetime of happiness that was destroyed because if my inability to function as a woman despite my pleas to my OB GYN for years !
    Never have regained my confidence or ability to restart my life in a relationship since. However, I psychologically feel I need to restore my physical self in order to be emotionally stable agin after my devastating divorce.
    Any information or guidance you could provide I would be grateful

  174. I have never regretted anything more than getting an 18mg Estradiol pellet inserted! I was suffering from hot flashes and I have been in perimenopause, so I thought HRT was for me. I went to see an obgyn who specializes in bioidentical HRT and from the way it was explained, the pellet sounded so promising. I had my bloodwork done and my obgyn told me that my estradiol levels were less than 5 before I got the pellet. 10 days after insertion my levels were measured (due to my request) and my Estradiol level had jumped to 431. Then I got tested a week later and they were down to 74. Since the pellet insertion, my hot flashes have stopped, but I have gained weight and am bloated. My obgyn told me that I should stop taking the oral progesterone she prescribed because she said that was the cause of my bloating. I had stopped it, but the bloating continues. I went to see a regular obgyn MD at the Mayo clinic to see if I could get it removed which I could not. That doctor also said that they are finding that pellets last longer than once thought. The Mayo clinic doctor does NOT do pellets and does not recommend pellets. When I had it inserted I was new to the whole process and I thought pellets were just another alternative and commonplace. After insertion, I found out they are NOT FDA approved for women! I have been a mess with anxiety and worry ever since getting this inserted and knowing my body somehow has to absorb this hard pellet lodged inside of me. I also have a possible autoimmune disorder and my symptoms have been magnified since the pellet has been inserted. I now have no idea if I should take a estrogen blocker that the obgyn suggested (the Mayo doctor advised again to the blocker). Also, what do I do with the progesterone? Should I continue that? Does that cause bloating? If I am estrogen dominant now will the progesterone even that out? And my last question is how can a hard pellet dissolve in body fat? Is it possible that it may just take years instead of months for the body to finally metabolize it? How can we know since there are no scientific studies because they are not FDA approved? I’ve never been so frightened in my whole life!

  175. Karen,
    We do not believe in or support the use of pellets for women. They don’t make sense based on the biochemistry of our bodies. The whole FDA approval or non-approval is a non-issue for me personally. I wouldn’t get hung up on this aspect. Yes, you should continue with the progesterone since it will help balance your estrogen pellet and it is not the cause of your bloating. This is caused by your estrogen pellet. Pellets typically wear off in about 3 months from insertion date, and your side effects should subside by the 3 month mark. You have learned a valuable lesson here. Pellets are a money maker for the company who makes them and for the doctors who insert them. True hormone balancing, which is what my Happy Hormone Cottage is all about, is a functional medicine based center with a focus on balancing sex hormones, healing tired adrenal glands and a healthy thyroid. We work with an experienced compounding pharmacist who also have an Advanced Fellowship in Functional Medicine. Apparently, Center’s like ours are hard to find. Feel free to give us a call at 513-444-6343 to see if we can help you.

  176. Gina,
    Since you are asking my opinion, I urge you to not proceed with a pellet implant. There are easy natural ways to help with vaginal lubrication; and we have found that libido can be restored over time by hormone balancing (this is an art and not a quick fix with a pellet insertion) AND by healing tired adrenal glands. You need to find a viable functional medicine or integrative health center near you that specializes in healing the body. Feel free to give us a call at 513-444-6343 to see if we can help. Phone consultations cost $25.

  177. Chantal,
    When a testosterone pellet converts to DHT, like yours is apparently doing, hair loss ensues. This can lead to male patterned baldness. Contrary to your doctor’s statement, this issue is a common side effect of pellets that we see frequently. My suggestion is that you get no more pellets, use Biotin to help grow new hair, and pick up some saw palmetto to help stop this conversion of testosterone to DHT. When the pellets wear off -3 months after insertion- your acne should also clear up. I might also advise your friends to steer clear of pellets. They don’t make sense based on the biochemistry of our bodies. What does make sense is refilling depleted hormone receptors that deplete as part of the aging process, and preventing disease. Learn more at

  178. Will my hair grow back. I am so depressed about this I don’t want even want to leave my house other than going to work. Thanks. Chantal

  179. HI Chantal,
    Your hair should grow back once the testosterone pellet is out of your system. All that testosterone is being converted to DHT, which causes male pattern baldness. I suggest two products:
    585 mg saw palmetto 2 times a day to stop the conversion of testosterone to dht
    Biotin to promote hair growth. Follow the directions on the bottle.
    Both of these products are sold on my online store. Go to and click on shop 24/7.

  180. Hello, I just had pellets inserted 2 weeks ago. I hate that I have done this since May. I have yet to make it 3-4 months…I need them every month.. do you know how much money I have spent.. a LOT..
    I will say that I had 2 GREAT weeks in May. That’s it. I didn’t have joint pain, my mood was terrific, no hot flashes, had energy! But it only lasted 2 weeks. My doctor says give it time.. my time is run out.
    I’m very depressed, my body hurts so bad, I am mean and hateful, I look and feel very old. (I’m 43) I have sent an email to get a phone consult with one of your providers. I hope this will work out for me and my poor family. Surgical menopause has been pure he!! For me. Any suggestions ?? While I wait for email. I am taking Tumeric for my pain. 5,000 units of Vitamin D, I drink water only.
    Thank you.

  181. Hi Sunnie,
    I’m not sure what you mean by one of my providers, but if you are interested in our help, give us a call at 513-444-6343 and my staff at my Happy Hormone Cottage and I can help you. We spend a lot of our time repairing the damage from pellets and providing optimal hormone balance by refilling hormone receptors based on the biochemistry of our bodies. I hope to hear from you. I think you have suffered enough.

  182. I had Pellets done approximately 5 months ago. I didn’t notice enough of a change to make me go back a second time. Now however after 12 years of no periods…. you guessed it I started again. I am aghast. Is this going to continue? What can I possibly do about it and what do I have to look forward to?

  183. Hi. I had pellets inserted in January and had lab work recently, which shows high testosterone levels of 198. Should I worry about this high level?

    I previously used Climara Pro and decided to try BHRT, but I’ve changed my mind and want to stop BHRT because of this high level.

  184. My hair stayed the same. While on the pellets I had a period again and my health professional said that was good BC it would keep me younger. I was on all theee hormones with the pellets for 2 years. Ages 60-62. It was great. I slimmed down I looked younger etc. After stopping I did not know I would keep getting my period for the next 6months. It all went away then came back. Now I have menstrual cramping as well. Is there ever going to be an end to this?
    I wish I never started the pellets in the first place.

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