Dr. Ernie's Poison Ivy

Product of the Month: Dr. Ernies Poison Ivy Lotion 


At the Happy Hormone Cottage and Integrative Hormone Center, we like to keep our loyal customers informed on the wide range of incredible Nutraceutical products, oral tablets, and topical lotions that we carry in our online store! We only stock products that we personally believe in and ones that deliver real results for our patients. This month’s product of the month is Dr. Ernie’s Poison Ivy Lotion.

Who is Dr. Ernie?

Dr. Ernie is actually an old colleague of the Happy Hormone Cottage and a close friend! Dr. Ernie developed this proprietary formula, borrowing from his extensive knowledge and years of experience to create a simple, yet highly effective poison ivy remedy.

It was so effective and received such positive results for our patients that we decided to produce and include it in our online store! While Dr. Ernie no longer works with us, his unique formula lives on in our store!

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How Does Dr. Ernie’s Poison Ivy Lotion Work?

This is a topical lotion that is meant to be applied directly to rashes and irritated skin. This remedy helps reduce irritation, suppress itchiness, and relieve the burning sensation associated with rashes. 

The active ingredients in Dr. Ernie’s Lotion help absorb and clear up any residual ivy resin, and also contain calming agents to help ease any irritation.

Why Does Poison Ivy Cause A Rash?

Poison Ivy plants secrete a very sticky oily resin that causes an allergic reaction when it makes contact with your skin. All it takes is simply brushing up against the leaves and getting small amounts of the resin on your skin. 

Obviously, the more you come into contact with the plant, the worse the rash and irritation will be. You can also contract a rash by coming in contact with other people or objects that have oily resin on them. 

Sign and Symptoms of Poison Ivy Rash

Signs and symptoms of a poison ivy rash include:

  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • Blisters

Who Is At Increased Risk?

Poison Ivy tends to grow in more natural growth, outdoor locations like wooded areas and forests. If you are frequently in locations like this for work or for leisure activities, you may be putting yourself at a higher risk of coming into contact with poison ivy. Common incidences of poison ivy are often reported by those who are:

  • Telephone line workers
  • Backcountry camping enthusiasts
  • Construction workers
  • Farmers
  • Firefighters
  • Fishing from the shoreline
  • Forestry rangers
  • Hiking
  • Hunting
  • Landscaping

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