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Is Your Immune System at Risk Because of Your Genes?


Our characteristics are defined by our genetic makeup, and not only our characteristics but our health as well. Genetic testing is growing in popularity due to its ability to provide insight on medical disorders and family genetic history. Genetic testing can also help with weight loss. There are different types of genetic testing that can give you different ideas about where you come from and provide awareness about future health related issues that might be ‘in your blood’. Happy Hormone Cottage understands the importance of genetic testing in determining different conditions you may have, like gastrointestinal issues, susceptibility to viral infection, or even cancer.

Genes can tell us what health conditions we may be at risk of, and allows you the ability to take preventative steps in your daily health routine. Genetics also play a role in the immune system. Many genes can help determine how you will respond to certain pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and foreign bodies. Your genetics can be very predictive of if your immune system is at risk. One testing method offered at Happy Hormone Cottage, the GX sciences 55 gene test, is the best testing available to observe your risk level. Happy Hormone Cottage has a team of certified genetic testing medical professionals who can help you determine a genetic test that is best suited to you. Additionally, Happy Hormone Cottage will help you go over your test results and determine an actionable plan that will positively impact your overall health.

At Happy Hormone Cottage, we ensure that each patient is provided with unique, individualized treatments and testing. We offer the following tests:

  • dna health: Provides insight on the body’s ability to burn fat, create energy, and helps identify if a person is at risk for anxiety, depression, cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis.
  • dna oestrogen: Helps to identify gene variants that impact oestrogen metabolizing and can provide aid in lessening a risk of breast cancer.
  • dna sport: Can help create a personalized workout plan by determining your peak training times, promoting success, and reducing the risk of workout-related injuries.
  • dna life: Aids in weight loss by identifying the body’s ability to burn fat, exercise needs, response to exercise, and the risk of obesity. Can be used to determine an eating plan.
  • GX Sciences Foundation / Methylation / Wellness Nutrigenomic Panel: Consisting of 21 single nucleotide polymorphisms chosen by our certified medical professionals that can provide insight on a persons overall nutritional health. This is an important panel for people who take nutritional supplements or have difficulty sleeping or fatigue, as it can help indicate nutritional weaknesses. This genetic test can also help determine if your immune system is at risk for viral infection.

Don’t allow yourself to be plagued by poor health or a future serious medical condition, take the preventative steps and contact our genetic testing certified professionals today.


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