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Genetic Testing: Is It Accurate?


Genetic testing has provided a world of insight into ancestral history, medical history, and has unlocked information that millions of people worldwide would have never guessed about themselves. Along with providing familial history, genetic testing is also used to measure your susceptibility to disease through your genes. But how can you be sure that it is accurate?

The Validity of Genetic Testing

Genes can tell us what health conditions we may be susceptible to. This then allows you to take preventative steps in your health routine. Genetic testing is typically held as accurate if it accomplishes these three factors:

  1. How well genetic differences analyzed in the test
  2. How much of a risk does this variance or absence of a gene pose to the individual
  3. Can this knowledge be used to take preventative action against future disease or illness

It involves accurately analyzing your DNA to test for any variances, anomalies, or missing genes from your genetic makeup. This can provide insight into what diseases you may be more likely to contract and what lifestyle changes can help you take preventive measures against the onset of these diseases.

Professional Testing at Happy Hormone Cottage

Genetic testing can also help determine if your symptoms are caused by an even greater problem. If you have one of the following, you could benefit from a genetic test:

  • Mood or Sleep Problems
  • Issues With Fatigue
  • Neurological Symptoms
  • Immune Challenges
  • Detoxification Weakness

The GX sciences 55 gene test is probably the best testing available in terms of accuracy and to look at your risks. Our certified genetic testing team at Happy Hormone Cottage will determine a genetic test that’s right for you. Additionally, Happy Hormone Cottage helps you go over your test results and determine an actionable plan that will positively impact your overall health.

If you would like to learn more about how genetic testing works and how it can benefit you, contact one of our experts today and they can help to guide you through the process.

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