vitamin C

5 Ways Vitamin C Benefits Your Body


vitamin C

When you hear Vitamin C, you probably picture oranges. That being said, it can be found in a wide variety of foods, in different concentrations. The challenge is maintaining the necessary levels in your bloodstream. The human body does not store or produce its own Vitamin C, which means that in order to attain all of its health benefits, you need to make sure you are meeting your daily intake requirements.

A well-balanced diet is a great start toward optimal levels, but for those who want to make sure they are getting 100% of the daily requirements, the Happy Hormone Cottage offers Vitamin C supplements as well as Vitamin D, which is known to increase solubility of Vitamin C making it more easily absorbed by the body! 

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5 Benefits of Optimal Vitamin C Levels

Helps Prevent Iron Deficiency 

Vitamin C has shown its ability to convert complex iron nutrients into a more bioavailable and useful form. Plant-derived iron is not as easily absorbed as meat-derived iron. 

It increases the absorption rate of this form of iron, which can be incredibly important for vegetarians and vegans, as well as those who are at risk of iron deficiency or anemia. 

Boosts Your Immunity

Ensuring that you have sufficient Vitamin C in your diet can offer incredible benefits to your immune system. It encourages the production of white blood cells, referred to as lymphocytes and phagocytes, which actively protect your body from invasive bacteria and viruses.

It is also a powerful antioxidant and has been shown to improve collagen production, meaning it makes your skin more resilient to damage and repairs injuries faster and with less chance of infection.

A strong and healthy immune system has never been more important than it is right now. It could mean the difference between serious illness and good health.

Prevents Cognitive Decline

Studies have shown that inflammation and oxidative stress takes a toll on your central nervous system, and can be directly linked to the development of dementia and other degenerative cognitive conditions.

Having sufficient levels of Vitamin C helps your body combat these effects with its anti-oxidative properties as well as promoting anti-inflammatory response within the body.

vitamin C prevents cognitive decline

Prevents Chronic Disease

Oxidative stress is a phenomenon that occurs when there is an overaccumulation of molecules known as free radicals. These molecules can be directly tied to the development of serious chronic conditions such as cancer and degenerative heart damage.

Vitamin C has profound antioxidant properties that help manage and reduce the overaccumulation of free radicals, thus helping to prevent the development of chronic disease 

Infection Prevention and Wound Healing

Vitamin C is renowned for its ability to boost collagen production, an essential factor for skin growth, repair, and strength. 

Pair that with its antioxidation properties, reducing inflammation and reversing oxidative stress which are two important factors in allowing the tissue to recover and regenerate.

Lastly, the production and performance-boosting capability Vitamin C offers to white blood cells, which are the foundation of a healthy immune system, will help keep wounds free of infection and clean for healthy recovery.

Looking to Boost Your Vitamin C Levels?

If you have any questions about Vitamin C, its role in your health, or if you would like to know if you are meeting your nutritional daily requirement, reach out to the specialists at the Happy Hormone Cottage for more information! You can call our offices or book an appointment online!

You can find the complete offering of nutraceuticals in the Happy Hormone Cottage online store!


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