Sambucus 60 ct Gummies (Nat Way)




Sambucus Description
• Standardized Elderberry
• Gluten-Free
• Gelatin-Free
• Dietary Supplement
• Made with Pectin
• No Artificial Colors or Flavors
• Supports Healthy Immune Function
• Specially Formulated for Kids
• Black Elderberry Extract Standardized to BioActives (Flavonoids) – Traditionally Used for Immune Support
• Made with Vitamin C and Zinc to Support Healthy Immune Function
• Great Tasting
Suggested Use
Recommendation: For children 2-3 years of age, chew 1 gummy daily. For children 4 years of age and older, chew 2 gummies daily. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

About Black Elderberry
For centuries the dark berries of European black elder (Sambucus nigra L.) have been traditionally used as a winter remedy for immune support*
Premium Elderberries
Made with our unique, full-spectrum black elderberry extract that is from a unique blend of black elderberries that are naturally richer in Flavonoid BioActives®
Our elderberries are standardized to anthocyanins, which deliver potent Flavonoid BioActives® levels
Superior Quality
Our elderberry extract has been tested for bioavailability and shown to be active within the body
Product is made with a gentle, solvent-free extraction method that ensures maximum flavonoid potency

Additional information

Weight10 oz