The Happy Hormone Cottage Podcast

The Happy Hormone Cottage Podcast

Episode #2

Lyn talks through how when women come to The Happy Hormone Cottage, they get educated & validated. From there women can get tested, get treated, & get better!

“What makes us different is that we want to find & fix the root cause of the hormone issues. We do great testing that involves dried urine strips from Precision Analytical Inc’s DUTCH Test that gives us a 15 page report on things like methylation pathways & metabolites.”

Episode #1

Lyn talks through her journey to starting The Happy Hormone Cottage & where it is today when it comes to helping women.

The Happy Hormone Cottage started in the heart of Centerville when a little cottage that was built by Abraham Lincoln’s distant relative Nathan was offered to Lyn by one of her dear friends. She started her business there in 2009. 13 years later, The Happy Hormone Cottage has grown & thrived by helping women learn to live their best lives through all-natural, plant-based, bioidentical hormone replacement treatment.

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